5 Healthy Snacks to Complement Your Cohen Diet

5 Healthy Snacks to Complement Your Cohen Diet


If you are in dire need of a lifeline in terms of losing weight and have used several approaches to diet but to no avail still are not successful, maybe you have not tried the Cohen Diet. The Cohen Diet is a good substitute to taking pills which may have bad side effects to your body. This is but a safe diet that is developed by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen without having complicated commitments.

To lose those unwanted fats, you are not restricted to eating any type of food. Instead, you are required to take those included in your individual plan. At the start, your blood sample will be taken to be studied. The blood test will result to the analysis of your sugar levels and liver functions. You can then begin with the program once your personal dietician suggests. This plan should be aided of course with the meals you eat. In this article, we will list down the five healthy snacks to complement your Cohen Diet.

5 Healthy Snacks

1.Kiwi Fruit

Kiwis serve as a natural blood thinner which reduces your risks of having blood clots. This lowers fat in the blood that can cause blockages, hence if you are not eating kiwi, it is a good move to add two to three kiwi fruits in your daily snacks. Every meal, take at least one kiwi and drink 1 liter of water.

2. Yogurt

Strong in calcium, yogurt contains prebiotics for allergy symptom relief and help burn fats and calories faster and promote weight loss. Eating three servings or 175mL of plain and fat-free yogurt (without artificial sweeteners) is recommended to balance hormones and release fat naturally.


One can of tuna in water, with 1 teaspoon of low-fat mayonnaise with crackers is a good alternative to chips and other unhealthy snacks. To add taste, you may pile 100g of lettuce and cucumberto complement the Cohen Diet.

4. Spinach

It’s time to follow Popeye and eat his favorite food. We never knew cartoons would teach us this lesson of eating spinach for strength and fitness. You can binge on spinach or be more creative by sautéing spinach with mushroom and topping it with some grated mozzarella cheese.


If you’re not fond of eating eggs, this is the time you start appreciating its flavor and use for the body. Eggs give you substantial amount of protein, as it’s your number-one friend while on the Cohen Diet. You can kick off with your morning meal by having mushroom with poached egg for breakfast. Other options are soft-boiled eggs, fried eggs, and scrambled eggs. Just don’t eat too many, and note that egg whites are better than egg yolks.


If you are obese, you don’t have to feel hopeless as you have the power to control this medical condition by correcting your diet. Through the food you eat with each meal, you can balance your hormones and fight against obesity, and one way is by snacking on healthy food as prescribed in the Cohen Diet. This eating plan will change your lifestyle and shed off those fats safely and quickly without needing injections, tonics, diet pills, and meal replacements.

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