5 Things You Need in Your Home if You Have Allergies

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For all those who suffer from allergies, which can be to anything from food items to air particles, finding accommodation in the public sphere can be a challenge. However, there are also many challenges on the home front when it comes to allergies, as everything from air to furniture and food must be ensured to have no allergenic materials present that could cause a reaction, which could possibly prove fatal if neither loved ones nor the proper medications are nearby.

To help reduce the risk of these unfortunate possibilities, there are a number of strategies, and investing in them can very well be life-saving down the line.

Clean Air

The first thing you will need in your home if you happen to have allergies is a set of HVAC systems that are properly maintained. Essentially, this will help make sure the air in your home is clean and free of small airborne particles like mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and pollen that can trigger an allergic reaction in the form of a runny nose and itchy eyes.

Without such maintenance, these allergenic particles can remain in the air and even get continually recycled by the home’s air conditioning system, causing more and more possible allergic reactions that can be literally difficult to see coming.

A professional installer can replace the air filters and remove buildup and dust from the air conditioning and HVAC systems in your home, quickly resulting in a better quality of air and lower quantity of allergens and hence allergic reactions.

Closed Windows

The second set of things you will need in your home if you happen to have allergies is closed windows. While keeping your home cool in spring via natural ventilation can save money, it can also let in pollen and other allergens through the air, which can then settle in on household furniture and flooring, causing prolonged discomfort to homeowners and guests who may be dealing with allergies.

Using a well-maintained air conditioning system is a better solution. Clothes should also be hung to dry indoors in a well-ventilated area rather than outdoors, as this can cause them to get coated, no pun intended, in outdoor allergens, which can make them uncomfortable and even dangerous to wear afterward for those with allergies to the particles on the clothes, which then get trapped against the wearer’s skin.

Dried Showers

The third thing you will need in your home if you happen to have allergies is a shower that has been thoroughly dried off. The excess moisture that can build up quickly in humid and wet places like showers presents a breeding ground for mold, which in turn can trigger allergic reactions for those in the household.

Eliminating excess moisture by using a towel and a fan after a shower helps greatly, as does periodically checking for pipe leaks, cleaning the bathroom walls floors, and fixtures regularly, and keeping humidity low by keeping the household temperature cool enough.

Hypoallergenic Pets & Plants

The fourth set of things you will need, or not need, in your home if you happen to have allergies is household pets or plants. Pollen from plants and dander from pets can cause problems for those who have allergies, though there are alternatives to minimize discomfort.

Keeping potted plants outdoors and finding hypoallergenic plants to keep inside can help lower allergic reactions, as can limiting access to the bedroom and other important areas from pets when they are indoors.

Clean Space

The fifth and final thing you will need in your home if you happen to have allergies is clean space. Regularly cleaning surfaces and furniture as well as tidying up unused items can limit places for allergens to settle and grow, in addition to providing a sense of mental clarity and productivity as well, which can also aid those who may be dealing with allergies.

Storing items away can also cut down on the amount of dusting needed every week. Some vacuum that can help eliminate the dust and dirt that causes allergies, like Miele vacuums, can help keep floors clean and free of allergens as well.

For those who have allergies, there is no need to settle for less when it comes to having a great quality of life and access to the accommodations society has to offer. With the right strategies, you never have to allow dust and other allergens to settle in.

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