The Best Food to Fuel a Great Night’s Sleep – Plan

Struggling to sleep? Your diet could be the problem. From citrus fruit to late-night chocolate, there are foods which can stop you from sleeping.

Mattress online asked two nutrition experts to tell us which foods to eat to fuel a great night’s sleep – and which ones we should avoid. Discover the advice from Alex Ruani, Chief Science Educator at The Health Sciences Academy and Anna Mapson, Registered Nutritional Therapist from Goodness Me below.

Chrononutrition: the science behind sleep and food

Chrononutrition is a new scientific field which studies the link between the food we eat and our sleep. When researching how nutrition affects sleep, scientists look to improve three things:

  • Falling asleep faster, known as shortening ‘sleep onset latency’
  • Sleeping more deeply throughout the night, without interruption
  • Sleeping longer to reduce sleep debt

There are a few neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) involved in our sleep cycle, such as the sleep hormone, melatonin. Many of these sleep-inducing neurotransmitters come from food, so you can enhance your sleep by eating the right nutrients.

The seven-day meal plan to fuel your sleep

Based on our experts’ advice, we created the ultimate seven-day healthy eating plan to fuel your sleep. All you have to do is tailor the timings to fit your body clock.

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