5 Tricks You Can Start Now to Upgrade Your Bedtime Permanently

You’re in desperate need of good night’s sleep but you’re afraid that you’ll miss out on everything if you sleep more than 6 hours every night? Well, that’s what concerns a lot of people nowadays, and we have to say that getting enough sleep is crucial for everyone’s health and overall well-being. Here is what you need to know about sleep stages, as well as five amazing tricks you can use to permanently upgrade your bedtime routine, so check them out and enjoy!

Sleep stages, simplified

Your body spends different amounts of time in different stages of sleep every night. In the first cycle, you’ll dip into stage one and then transition into stage two before moving quickly into deep sleep. You’ll stay like that for a while before going into 10 minutes of REM. During the second cycle, you’ll get slightly more light sleep, a lot of deep sleep (but less than in the first cycle), and a little more REM. In the third cycle, you’ll get a lot more light sleep, a little bit of deep sleep, and more REM. When these are done, during the second half of the night, the cycles are likely to break down as your body will alternate between light sleep and REM. Here are five useful tips on how to upgrade your bedtime permanently, so check them out:

Tip #1:  First of all, prepare your bedroom properly

The room you sleep in should be properly prepared before bedtime, so make sure to keep it cool in the first place. The ideal bedroom temperature should be set between 15.5°C and 19.4°C, so do it before you go to sleep. If the room is too hot or too cold, you may wake up in the night, so bear that in mind as well. Besides that, you should also put your phone on silent and invest money in thicker curtains that will block the light and outside sounds.

Tip #2: Get a relaxing massage before bedtime

Some people will say that massage is the key to better sleep simply because it can help balance sleep hormones, and you know what? We completely agree with this claim. In fact, massage can balance your hormonal system and reduce the levels of cortisol – your body’s main stress hormone. So, if you’re up for that, you can either learn some useful self-massage techniques or check out Inada massage chairs that provide high-performance therapy in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is to play relaxing music and enjoy your pre-bedtime massage!

Tip #3: Stay away from your smartphone or any other gadget

Even though it sounds a bit silly, the truth is that exposing yourself to the glow of a screen before bed is highly likely to keep you awake. That’s because our bodies are made to wake up when the light is bright and go to sleep when it gets dark. So, when there’s a source of bright light right in front of your face, you’re telling your body that it’s time to be more alert. However, if you must use a smartphone or a tablet, just make sure to at least turn down the screen brightness.

Tip #4: Don’t drink anything with caffeine or alcohol in it

Caffeine found in coffee and tea is one of the strongest natural stimulants, and you should know that it can stay in your body for hours after drinking your favorite hot beverage. In other words, a cup of coffee you drank at 6 PM is highly likely to stay with you at midnight, which is why you shouldn’t drink coffee so late. The same goes for alcohol, which is said to disrupt REM sleep, so stay away from it and you’ll be more than fine.

Tip #5: Remember that consistency is crucial

Our bodies love routine, which means that consistency is essential if you want to permanently upgrade your bedtime routine. This basically means that you should both get up and go to bed at the same time every day – even on weekends. Of course, if you’re getting up too early, at 6 AM or 7 AM, you can always make a compromise and allow yourself to sleep until 8 AM. The same goes for going to bed, so be persistent and consistent and you’ll succeed!

As you can see, there really are a lot of ways to permanently upgrade your bedtime routine. These five are undoubtedly the best ones out there, so stick to them and you won’t make a mistake!

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