7 Ways to Decorate for Happiness and Mental Wellbeing

When the hustle and bustle of your everyday life gets too hard to handle and puts too much strain on your mental health, you need a space that has the purpose of promoting happiness and wellbeing. This place where you get to go to escape the outside world should be your home. While we can go visit various nature spots that will help us calm down, our home is always there for us and accessible no matter what. If you need some assistance when it comes to turning your home into this special oasis, keep on reading for some décor inspiration.

Eliminate all clutter from your home

You are probably aware that the first step in every decorating endeavor is decluttering. In order to make this space a safe haven, you need to get rid of everything that is in the way. So, for instance, if there are too many pieces of furniture that have no purpose, sell or donate them to a local Australian charity. Maybe the shelves are full of knickknacks that you don’t use but have to spend hours dusting. For a space to be serene, it should be airy and bright, which means that you need to consider minimalism. Too many things can make a room feel cramped and claustrophobic and no one can feel positive in such an environment.

Think about the functionality of every room

Similar to decluttering, you need to find the main purpose of each room. If a room does not have a purpose, chances are that it will not be functional and it will turn into a mess. For example, you want the bedroom to have a calming and relaxing atmosphere while the living room can focus on family bonds. If you have a home office, strive towards creating an inspirational space where it’s easy to focus. Find a place for each trinket and if something doesn’t have a home, you might not actually need it. You can go to Crawford Home Buyers to see and buy new homes. Don’t allow an area or room in your home to turn into a space for hoarding unnecessary items. If you have too many things you cannot get rid of, arrange them so that they are properly organized and easily accessible.

Introduce calming neutrals for a tranquil vibe

If you are familiar with the concept of color psychology, you probably know that each color can have a different effect on our mood. With that in mind, you should look into using shades that will promote positivity, creativity, and serenity. While some people don’t mind bright hues, you should stick to neutrals when it comes to decorating your space. Blues and greens can have a calming effect so consider them for your living room, dining room, and kitchen walls if you don’t want to stick to off-white, beige, and gray tones. In terms of floors as noted by Harper Floors and cabinetry, looking for wooden pieces that will fit with most designs and help you connect to nature.

Create a comfortable space with soft textures

In addition to your home being serene and tranquil, you want it to be comfortable as well. So, for example, when it comes to the bedroom, you should invest in high-quality bed linens that will make every sleep a delight. Luckily, it’s easy to find these both online and in your local Sydney shop. Then, in the living room, you can add throw pillows and blankets that will be exactly what you want to stay warm and cozy while binging your favorite show and getting your mind off everyday troubles. A soft rug beneath your feet and textured curtains blocking the light are just some of the elements you should think about introducing as well.

Bring greenery and fresh flowers into the space

Another method of decorating involves bringing nature into your living space. Seeing as how houseplants come with many health benefits, this is something you should not overlook. For example, if keeping plants alive is not your forte, you can turn to succulents. However, leafy green plants will create a nice sense of balance in your home as well as absorb the negative energy that is emitted by your electronics. In case you prefer fresh flowers in your home, you can, for example, look for Sydney flower delivery services if you live in New South Wales. Order flowers for yourself as often as you like, just keep in mind that color psychology plays a role here as well and that hues you choose can also influence your mood.

Make sure the lights don’t bother you

We tend to disregard the lighting in our homes. Improper lighting can mess with your circadian rhythm, so you should consider swapping out pre-installed bulbs with some healthier options. For better sleep, you can use red lights in your bedroom. Either opt for red LED bulbs or look for a Himalayan salt lamp that gives off a red warm color. For during the day, white light with tinges of blue will work best.

Minimize the use of electronics

Chances are great that the news and social networks are often bringing you down. While no one expects you to completely give up on electronics, you can consider creating an electronics-free zone in your home. It can be your bedroom, for instance. Do not make the TV a part of the décor as watching it before going to bed can affect your sleep. Keep it in the living room where you can watch shows and movies with your family members or housemates. If possible, try to keep your phone outside the bedroom as well. You probably scroll your social media before turning in, which only fills your head with negativity. Set a time after which you will not go online and use your phone. Instead, try reading a book before falling asleep.


Finally, keep in mind that there is no need to feel stuck with whatever decoration you have on at the present time. You can swap out your accessories on a regular basis, depending on what you are going through at a specific moment. Your cravings might change once you experience a change and you should allow your décor to reflect that. Go for pieces that make you feel happy and supported.

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