8 way to keep wrinkles out

Okay, just read some article from Yahoo about tips to avoid wrinkles. Being older will make many wrinkles in our skin especially at our face.But there’s a way to avoid it. Read this :-

1. Keep hydrated. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drink water will naturally cleanses our system and flushes out the toxins.
2. Moisturize your skin using moisturizing oil or lotion.
3. Eat more vegetable. It can become a natural collagen especially in soy milk, dark green veggies and red fruits.
4. Expose to sun but don’t overexposed. You also can use sunblock to lower SPF and light. But If you have sunburned skin don’t worry coconut oil can help you remove redness, rashes, scars, wrinkles and blister caused due to UV rays
5. Drink green tea can protects skin against free radicals and helps delay the aging process.
6. Using detox to clean living. Quit smoking to kick all your toxin in your body. Quit alcohol also good to avoid wrinkles in your skin.
7. Get adequate sleep. It is better to get at least eight hour to generate your skin.
8. Adopt a positive attitude. Always smile and positive in your life..

Okay, that’s 8 tips to keep wrinkles out. Read this infographic on how to Prevent Wrinkles by Tinting Your Car Windows below


Infographic by :- GlobalTint.co.uk

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