Advantages of Contact Lenses


Bad eyesight is easily manageable in today’s world. We have plenty of options to treat bad eyesight, like wearing traditional prescription glasses and contact lenses or having an eye correction surgery. But let’s focus on contact lenses. There’s some misinformation floating around about contact lenses, how they are painful to wear, not practical and so on, but the reality is that technology has advanced so much in the last 10 years and made contact lenses a go-to-solution for bad eyesight.


If you ever wondered what the advantages of contact lenses over glasses are and if they are a right candidate for them, don’t go anywhere. We will try to bust all misconceptions about contact lenses and show you their benefits.

Benefits of wearing contact lenses

First of all, let’s bust some myths surrounding contact lenses. The majority of people shy away from contact lenses because they believe that lenses are uncomfortable, this couldn’t be more wrong. Even though first generations of contact lenses were rugged and could cause some discomfort, improvements have been made since.

Today’s lenses are nothing like their older versions, they are made from more advanced materials and cause little to no discomfort. Sure, you will have to go through a brief adaptation period, but once you get used to them, you will forget you have them on.


The second misconception we hear a lot is that contact lenses are expensive and that glasses are simply a more affordable solution. Again, this was true ten years ago. Because of technology advancements, manufacturers are able to produce lenses with much lower costs, making them affordable to everyone. Today, you can buy a set of lenses that will last you for a year, for about the same price as a pair of shoes. Additionally, there are cheaper lenses that last only for a day, so if you are not planning to wear them regularly, you can choose that option.

Contact lenses and sports

When it comes to sports, contact lenses are a much better solution. Glasses are bulky and they can fall off while running, jumping and doing other activities. Also, if you get hit by a ball or get elbowed in a basketball game, glasses can cause some serious damage if the glass gets in your eye. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are safe and they stay firmly attached to your eye. Even if they fall off, it’s no big deal, just get a replacement and you are good to go.

On top of that, lenses provide greater peripheral vision. Glasses have frames, which limits your field of vision, but contacts are placed directly on your eyeball, covering every part of it. Even if you are swimming or diving, contacts are a better solution. You can’t wear prescription glasses underwater, but wearing lenses is perfectly fine if you have a diving mask or swimming goggles on.

Are there any requirements for contact lenses?

Lastly, we would like to talk about what requirements you need to fulfill and if there are any for wearing contact lenses. Even with all these advancements, contact lenses can still cause serious health problems and that is why they are all prescribed by doctors. Some eye conditions prevent people from wearing lenses and only a doctor can determine that. So, we recommend going to your local optometrist in Sydney and do a complete examination of your eyes. Only then will you know if you are a right candidate for contact lenses.

And that brings us to the end. We hope that you learned something interesting and that we cleared up some misconceptions about contact lenses. As you can see much has changed with them, so if you haven’t tried lenses before, maybe now is a chance. Just schedule an examination with your doctor and soon you will know if contacts are right for you.



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