Easy Tips to a Healthy Home Environment


Health is one of the major concerns in households these days. With so many new and advanced products and technologies coming between us, it becomes necessary that we take all the necessary precautions and measures in our homes to escape all the health hazards. And so today we’ve come up with a list of tips and tools that you can adopt in order to have a healthy home. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Keep your Bathrooms clean

This may sound fairly repetitive, but it is the most crucial thing to a healthy home. Use cleansers to clean the pot seats and washbasins. Do no hang the towels by the ring, as they contain germs. Wash them after every three uses. Keep the bathroom dry – use exhaust, fans, keep the door open to keep it dry because a wet bathroom is the best place for mildew to grow. You should also adopt water with toilet paper for wiping – as it will rid you of germs completely. Besides, declutter your bathroom of all the unnecessary soaps and lotions. This will help ease up your cleaning process and also make up some more space in your bathroom. If you use home cleaning services, check up their work after they complete their jobs. Lastly, keep the mobile phone outside as it catches germs very quickly and then spreads them everywhere.


Image: Bathroom Checklist (source – michellepaige.blogspot.com)

  1. Indoor Plants

A very effective way of ridding all the toxins from your home premises is through growing house plants. This will not only help in cleaning the air and increase oxygen supply in the house, but it will also help to curb excessive Carbon Monoxide and other harmful gases. Some plants that you can grow for your healthy home are Jade plants, Spider plants, Bromeliads, Caribbean Tree Cactus, Dracaena, etc. Other than their many health benefits that include boosting healing, preventing dry skin, cold and coughs, etc., they also help in the beautification of the house! Besides, you can also go for a terrace garden if you have a terrace in your home.


  1. Leave your shoes at the door for a healthy home

It is important that you don’t roam around the whole house in your outdoor shoes. This is because they are a breeding home of germs, toxins and what not! If you have kids in your homes, then there is much of a chance that they will sit and play on the floor, thereby becoming a target of these germs. So, leave those shoes outside and instead use home slippers or remain barefoot inside your healthy home. According to a report by Reuters, there are 421,000 bacteria on the outside of a shoe. Turns out Asians have been right all along in their rule of not allowing shoes inside homes.


Image: No shoe Sign (source – etsy.com)

  1. Do not use non-stick cookware in the kitchen

Use aluminium, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, etc., but try to avoid using non-stick cookware. This is because non-stick cookware is made up of a carcinogenic chemical called perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA), which emits out toxic gases while cooking on them. When these toxins enter the body, they can cause Cancer, flu-like diseases, etc. Although, if you do decide to use a non-stick, then do pay some heed to the following advice:

  • Do not preheat an empty pan.
  • Do not cook at high temperatures.
  • Do not use the pan in case of chipping.
  • Get a heavier non-stick pan.
  • Ventilate your kitchen.

This should work well for you.



  1. Avoid using pesticides

This seems like an inevitable thing, but it is very much possible and required as well. If you have roaches entering your home, then seal the cracks, wash your dishes properly, clean up the entire food residue and take other such measures.  This is because the continued use of pesticides can cause problems like asthma, learning disabilities, a problem in brain development, etc. Instead of using hard pesticides on your lawn, use your hands to pluck out the worn out parts. That is easier, more reliable and cheaper method of getting rid of pests.


Image: Say no to pesticides (source – Ergogenicsnutrition.com)

These are some of the measures that you should adopt right away for a happy and healthy home. Other tips would be to vacuum daily, clean your mattresses every week, look out for the presence of lead in your paint, etc. To ensure that you and your family are safe in your home, it is important that you mark the checklist regularly. So, to health and happiness!


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