Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Even when you’re pretty meticulous with your dental hygiene, you find yourself experiencing various problems related to your oral health. What we think we do and what we actually do for our teeth may be completely different. Not to mention other bad habits you may have that are linked to tooth decay and gum issues without you even realizing it. Therefore, take a look at the following types of bad habits that can seriously damage your teeth. You never know, but this might be just the encouragement you’ve been looking for in order to break them.

Biting your nails

We all know how unsanitary, unpleasant and dangerous this bad habit is. Not only do you risk a nail infection, but you can also get more prone to colds because of the bacteria under your nails. Still, another big issue that can stem from nail biting is teeth damage. Nail biting chips the teeth and the position of the jaw during this nervous action can also cause unfavorable impact that can lead to pain and jaw dislocation. It would be best to find some other healthy vent for your stress and anxiety, but if you can’t find the will to stop, you can try using bitter nail polish.

Teeth grinding/clenching

Another stress-induced bad habit that causes you to grind or clench your teeth can seriously wreck them. Due to constant pressure and friction, teeth can break and fracture. Also, this action is bound to cause joint pain because the position of the jaw during grinding/clenching is everything but natural. Most people have problem controlling this habit during their sleep, which is why special mouth guard can be really helpful for a nighttime. Also, trying to deal with daily stress effectively is more than recommended.

Teeth are not your tools


Trying to rip something open or even pop a cork with your teeth are just some of the examples of people’s tendency to find alternate uses for their teeth. This is definitely one of the most dangerous habits when it comes to tooth damage. There is an immediate possibility of teeth cracking, jaw dislodging and even swallowing something that you shouldn’t have. Even though sometimes it looks cool to show off like this, be aware that your teeth are not made to be scissors or bottle openers.

Brushing too hard


Brushing teeth is really important and you should stick to the schedule of brushing them for at least two minutes twice a day. However, if you put excess strength into brushing your teeth, you can damage the enamel and gums. If you have healthy teeth and gums in general, but experience sensitivity and even bleeding after brushing your teeth, this means that you’re putting too much force into it. According to Australian dental specialist, soft or medium bristle toothbrushes and gentle strokes are a lot more efficient when it comes to oral hygiene and healthy teeth and gums.



There’s no single person out there who doesn’t know how bad smoking is for your overall well-being, smokers included. While it’s true that this may be a really difficult bad habit to break, quitting smoking for good will come with tremendous benefits for your health. Yellow teeth, bad breath as well as a higher risk of losing teeth and oral cancer are just some of the smoking consequences that should motivate you to quit.

As mentioned before, brushing your teeth twice a day is essential, but regular flossing and use of mouth washes can only improve your oral health even more. In case you snack pretty often, you may want to step up your game with teeth brushing as well. If you’re aware of having bad habits that can damage your health and teeth, changing your ways will have incredible merit for the quality of your lifestyle.


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