Best Food for Winter

Winter will come and you need to get propriate meals to your body. This is some food that good for your health in winter

1. Chicken Soup
– The chicken soup is good to helps you breathe easy in the winter season. University of Nebraska study found that chicken soup may reduce inflammation in your throat and nose. It is also low in calories and fat with high in fiber.
2. Chicken Sandwich
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– Chicken Sandwich could make your energy up in this cold season. Eating this meal could make you energized and stay awake. Combination of a wheat bread will boost your energy by digest the complex carbs slowly and keeping your blood sugar stable.
3. Winter squash
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– Squash is fiber rich foods that contain low calories. It means you can prevent weight gain. Eating winter squash will load up fiber and prevent post-holiday eaters remorse. It also can reduce the risk of variety diseases because it loaded with carotenes.
4. Garlic
– It will wards off flu viruses and cold. Garlic contains chemical called allicin that stimulate the production of infection fighting while blood cells. Adding the garlic may help to stay healthy in the winter season but don’t eat too much.
5. Walnuts
– Eating walnuts could keep your skin from drying out cause it caontain omega-3 fatty acids that will combat dry skin problem.
6. Oatmeal
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– Oatmeal can boost your mood because it has grain carbs that keeps serotonin levels up and prevent cravings for sweets.

Reference :- Yahoo Health

Okay that’s some of food you can eat to stay healthy in winter season.. Keep up good healthy..

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