Cause, symptom and treatment for Perleche


Do you know about Perleche? Perleche is the inflammation that occurs mostly at the sides of the lips. It happen because a bacterial or fungal infection. It appears between the corners of the mouth. The mouth will get a moist, white or red eruption. It is not very dangerous but it can effect on eating process.People who suffer this disease will feel uncomfortable, it makes them difficult to talk, speak or even laugh. The disease also makes the appearance look bad, because it can be seen clearly.


What is Perleche cause?

There are many things that can cause Perleche.

1. Infection of bacteria or fungal.
2. Ill-fitting dentures can give this infection because of the dentures are not fitting properly. This will make the folds start to form in the lips.
3. Weather can cause Perleche. Hot weather also give effect on Perleche.
4. Lack of vitamin. People who lack in iron, vitamin B are more risk to get this problem.
5. Sleep drooling also can cause this problem.

Perleche Symptom

1. Swollen, deep, raw splits in the mouth when open the mouth.
2. Constantly get an itching problem. The cracks are continually crust and reopened.

How to treat Perleche

1. Check your doctor and pharmacy. Sometimes they recommend using hydrocortisone. If they found that the infection caused by a fungus or a bacteria, then he/she may recommend an antifungal.
2. Get more vital nutrients in the diet. In order to correct the imbalances eat more vegetables, dairy, fruits, fish, and lean red meat.
3. Soaking dentures overnight. Get 1 part household bleach to 10 parts water.
4. Use a protective lip balm and do not lick your lips. Leaving the lips drier before licking them.
5. Not to lick your lip or any area around your mouth.

As I’ve mention above Perleche is not dangerous but it still can affect health life. Make sure you get the suitable treatment for you.

Reference :- What is Perleche, Why do you have it & How can you treat it?

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