Salt intake and Health

Salt is a chemical compound consist of chloride and sodium. It is be found to give flavour to the food. Most of meals used many salt to give a good taste to their foods. Salt is important in our health to keep the normal circulating blood in our body but high salt intake can cause disease such as high blood pressure, ulser cancer, gastric , stroke, Oedema and heart attack. Expertise advice to used salt not more than 1 spoon per day or 2400 miligram sodium.

Salt intake

Why high salt intake bad for health ?

– High Salt intake puts up our blood pressure. The high blood pressure is the major factor which causes strokes, heart failure and heart attacks, the leading causes of death and disability in the UK.
– The is also increasing evidence of a link between high salt intake and stomach cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, kidney disease, kidney stones and vascular dementia and water retention.
– It also exacerbate the symptoms of asthma
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Foods that contain high salt

Most of food contain salt. The following foods are almost always high in salt such as :

  • anchovies
  • bacon
  • cheese
  • gravy granules
  • ham
  • olives
  • pickles
  • prawns
  • salami
  • salted and dry roasted nuts
  • salt fish
  • smoked meat and fish
  • soy sauce
  • stock cubes
  • yeast extract

How much salt intake for adults

Adults should eat no more than 6g of salt a day – that’s around one full teaspoon. Children should eat less .

There were tips to reduce salt intake:

1. Avoid table salt
2. Reduced sodium content
3. Monitor the salt content
4. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
5. Choose ready-to-eat breakfast cereals that are lower in sodium.
6. Cut back on takeaway and fast foods.
7. Buy fresh vegetables rather than canned.

( NHS )

Salt is needed by the body to help regulate fluid levels, but there is generally more than enough dietary sodium in a natural diet without any added salt.To get healthy body, reduce salt from now. You will get the benefits..

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