Samsung reveals Simband health platform

The technology has become greater and it also can help with our health. Samsung, a technology company has unveiled a prototype wristband that can be fitted with third-party sensors to gather a range of health data about the wearer’s body. The new health wristband called ‘ Simband’ and used as ‘investigational device’ which will help it meld sensors and other electronics with software and services to create future digital health technology.

It also discussed plans to store and share the information to offer insights to both the user and researchers. The Simband device and Sami (Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interaction) platform were announced in San Francisco. The technology able to take precise readings for heart rate, blood flow, respiration, galvanic skin response, hydration and gas and glucose concentrations in the blood among other body readings, as well as data about substances carried in the surrounding air.
samsung-simband -cool
Samsung has collaboration with nanoelectronics research centrea based in Belgium and the University of California, San Francisco to create the digital health initiative. Samsung says that Simband will be available to developer later this year and is already envisioning future version with sophisticated capabilities.

Source :- BBC

Such a great technology. Maybe it is good for us to know how our health as the technology calculate our energy need and not..