Five Different Types of Eye Tests That Constitute A Basic Eye Exam

Eyes are one of the most fragile organs of human anatomy. The modern lifestyle and the irresponsible use of technology have shredded adverse effect on the eyes. Protecting the eye health is of essence, and to ensure that, a visit an ophthalmologist on a regular interval is a wise step. If you’ve been having headaches, or trouble focusing on objects that are within your short or distant vision, it might be time to visit an ophthalmologist to seek advice for basic eye test. There are different types of eye tests for early detection of eye diseases. Following are a few types of eye test:

#1. Visual acuity test for observe the status of the eyesight:

This is the most basic kind of eye test that is performed to check the quality of your eye sight. An optometrist measures the exact distance from which you can see things.

  • The main evaluation occurs for objects that are placed at a distance, so as to mean, our capacity to see things that are farthest. Nowadays, any layman can perform this visual acuity test through the help of proper machines if they’re aware of the know-haws.
  • The computerized eye power is evaluated, after the test. If you are experiencing regular headache or having trouble in seeing things whether things pertaining to short vision, or distant vision you must take this eye test in order to prevent your power from undergoing significant changes.

#2. Color blindness Test to check color vision:

At times due to failing eyesight, we fail to distinguish between colors that are intermingled. A color blindness test helps to check this issue.

  • A test called ishihara color vision test is performed where a chart is provided to a patient and he or she is asked to find out the hidden numbers in that chart.
  • Usually the numbers appear in dotted form and in different colors making it difficult for the patient to find it.

#3. Retinoscopy to measure the refraction error:

In case you need corrective eyeglasses, an optometrist performs retinoscopy to check the strength of your eye sight. This is a special kind of eye test that is performed to objectively measure the refraction error in a person’s eyesight.

  • There are two types of retinoscopy, however. Static retinoscopy is suited for individuals having relaxed accommodative status of eyesight, and dynamic retinoscopy is suited for individuals having active accommodative status of eyesight from a near object.
  • The optometrist performs this test by focusing a red light on the retina of the patient and the doctor understands whether it is reflecting back or not. He even moves the light across the pupil and checks the reflex of our eye. The patient is made to wear a kind of specs called phoropter and different lens are placed in it to help you check which lens suits you the best to identify the letters in the chart in front of you.

#4. Autorefractors and aberrometers:

This is type of electronic device that helps to identify the refraction error on its own and also provides with the power prescription.

  • The invention of this machine has made eye tests easier and quick. The aberrometers test is equipped to measure distortions you might have, in your cornea, due to which proper vision in your eye lens is restricted.

#5. Biomicroscopy to check the underlying eye problems:

  • An optometrist uses this device to check the underlying eye problems of the patient in case the problems could not be detected earlier.
  • Also called, a slit lamp test, your pupil is dilated with the help of an eye drop containing fluroscein, where a close observation of your eyesight is done, and your eye sight is viewed from different angles, to give a better perspective on your vision.

Getting an eye test done on time, and regularly, is of essence, in maintaining your vision. These exams are simple to be conducted and do not cause any pain to the individual. Most of the eye exams are machine operated, and quick. However, depending on your eye condition, your optometrist might recommend few other tests to be done.

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