Why and When You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is essential when the soft tissue inside the root canal gets infected or inflamed. It helps with repairing and saving a tooth.

The pulp of the teeth is composed of the nerves and blood vessels. During the root canal therapy, the pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is sealed after cleaning.

When is Root Canal Needed?

The crown of the tooth which is the part that you have seen on top of your gums can still be intact even if the pulp is not alive.  Doing away with the infected or injured pulp is the most preferred way to restore the tooth structure.

The usual causes of damage to the pulp include –

  • Compound dental procedures on a specific tooth
  • Deep decay because of the untreated cavity
  • A crack or chip in the tooth
  • An injury to the teeth which can injure the tooth if you get hit in the mouth and even if the injury does not cause the tooth to crack, the pulp can still be damaged

The most common damaged pulp symptoms are toothache, swelling and the sensation of heat in the gums. For confirming the diagnosis, your dentist can inspect the painful teeth and take x-rays. If a root canal is needed your dentists can refer to an endodontist.

Here are some signs that tell you that you need to go for a root canal treatment soon.

  • Sensitivity to Temperature –A common sign that you need a root canal is the sensitivity of the teeth. If your teeth aches at the time of having hot drinks like tea or coffee, then that is a problem. What starts as the dull ache can turn into a sharp and intense pain within no time. A lot of pain can also be caused by the cold foods and drinks for those with the infected tooth. It is because of the damaged blood vessels that you have to crunch on one side of the mouth to avoid the damaged nerve endings and blood vessels. Your dentist can suggest that a root canal is required to fix the issue with the sensitive teeth.
  • Swollen Gums – The swollen gums are a sign of problems below the teeth surface. If the gums are swollen and painful or have a raised bump, your dentist can examine the swollen gums to see if the inflammation is the culprit.
  • Teeth Discolouration – Nerve damage beneath the surface of teeth, exposure to drinks and food that stain the enamel of the teeth or poor hygiene can all result in in discoloured teeth.  When the damage of blood vessel and nerve takes place, your dentist can advise you to opt for root canal for removing the damaged tooth.
  • Deep Decay – Once the deep decay is set in within the tooth base, no amount of flossing, brushing or rinsing can solve the problem. If you neglect a cavity for too long, it will spread down into the nerve and the tooth root. Under such circumstances, the root canal is likely to be the only option for repairing before the patient is fitted with a crown.

That is why regular oral hygiene and regular appointments with the dentist are absolutely essential. When the gums and teeth are neglected, the infection and ailment will spread and a small fix is no longer viable under such circumstances.

Why You Need Root Canal Treatment?

The teeth come with soft core known as dental pulp as said earlier. The pulp extends from the visible part of the teeth to the tip in the jawbone. This pulp consists of nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. When a tooth has a cavity, which is deep or is cracked, bacteria can get into the pulp. If not treated, the bacteria and decaying material can lead to serious infection or abscess of tooth. This results in bone loss, death of pulp and loss of tooth itself.

So if you are also witnessing the signs mentioned above, you just need to type root canal doctor near me in your search engine and book an appointment without delay with the one that you find to be the most experienced and renowned. Delaying this can aggravate the issue you are facing further resulting in more problems for you.

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