Free Radicals Leads to Chronic Disease

Do you ever know that free radicals may increase the potential of chronic disease such as cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer? And by the way, what is free radical though?

Scientists believed that free radicals may threaten your health and act as the main causes of any chronic diseases. About more than 10,000 free radicals attack our body cells everyday. Free radicals as well defined as active positive charged atoms or molecules which have lack electrons within their structure to paired with that make them unstable.
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To make the atoms or molecules became stable, they have to ‘steal’ one electron from other molecules, thus these molecules become free radicals and unstable. These process of electron’s stealing end up in a form of free radical chain mechanism. Cells damage and early body cells death are caused by this spontaneous chain reaction.

Where do the free radicals come from? Few internal and external sources are identified including:

a)      Unhealthy food intake

b)      Fatty, fried and burnt food intake

c)      Alcohol

d)     Smoking cigaratte (a cigaratte may release about more than 3 trillion free radicals throughout blood circulatory system)

e)      Stress

f)       All chemicals and few endocrine hormones

g)      Toxic chemicals

h)      Sunlight (UV)

i)        Radiation

j)        Environmental pollution

Free radicals are formed every seconds and difficult to control them

Many researchers from health and beauty fields try to produce antioxidant products to balance the cells destruction caused by free radicals.

Antioxidant functions well in stabilizing the free radicals by donate one electron to them and at the same time, protect the body cells from damage. Antioxidants can be find in hundreds of natural sources including vegetables and fruits. Phytochemicals (color pigment of vegetables and fruits) are the best antioxidant founded by researchers. That is why we should take five to nine serves of them everyday.

Profesor Debasis Bagchi from Pharmacy Science Department at University Creighton, California said that healthy food intake should be prioritized to free from any chronic diseases and diversifying daily serving wisely.

The most important phytochemical known as anthocyanin, the pigment which gives the blue, violet and red color for vegetables. This pigment function as:

a)      To protect the vegetables and fruits from UV sunlight.

b)      To shield human body from attacked by free radicals and reduce chronic diseases.

c)      Can destroy any different free radicals simultaneously in a time.

d)     Contain in berries which not only act as antioxidants but as well as antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-angiogenesis (protect from cancer) and anti-aging.

e)      Act as anticarcinogenic, give protection to cardiovascular system, control blood glucose level especially in diabetic patients, prevent from urinary tract infection, and block the Helicobacter pylori bacteria that causes gastric, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, and intestinal inflammation.

f)       Help in maintaining healthy skin and prevent from early aging by provide new collagen and at the same time, enhancing the vitamin C and E action by restore youthful skin.

As a conclusion, fruits and vegetables intake should be adapted during have a meal to protect our body from attacked by bad, bad free radicals. Or else, you will get bad, bad diseases.

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