Get Your Daily Vitamin D in easy way

Vitamin D is one of good vitamin. It is not an actually an essential dietary vitamin in the strict sense. Vitamin D was discovered in an effort to find the dietary substance that was lacking in a disease, namely, rickets, the childhood form of osteomalacia. It is an essential source for bone health and protecting against colds and fighting depression.

Some of people don’t get enough vitamin D.  Maybe we know that vitamin D can come from sun.  If you don’t have enough time in the sun and your body have problem absorbing the vitamin, it could be problem for your body. But there’s a ways to get adequate intake of vitamin D such as :-

  1. Eat more fatty fish. Fatty fish have a good source of vitamin D.  The fatty fish can be including in trout, salmon, tuna, mackerel and eel.
  2. Take canned tuna fish. Canned tuna fish also provide for your vitamin D intake. It is also cheaper than fresh fish.
  3. Mushrooms have the vitamin D when it exposed to ultraviolet light. But not all mushrooms contain with high vitamin D. There’s specific brands of mushrooms that grown in ultraviolet light to produce Vitamin D.
  4. Fortified Milk from cow’s milk has vitamin D but not cheese and ice cream.  Some soy and rice milks also have the vitamin D but you must check the label because not all contain vitamin D.
  5. Orange juice also has vitamin D. Like fortified milk, not all them have vitamin D. You must check the label first.
  6. Vitamin D supplement can be used to get proper daily dose. Don’t take it without any advice from doctor. Too much take the supplement can be toxic.
  7. Egg also contains with vitamin D. But it is come from its yolk. Take egg properly because it also has a big amount of cholesterol.
  8. Fortified cereal is another fast way to get vitamin D. It is important to take cereal to fully your vitamin D needed if you don’t have time to get vitamin D from sun.
  9. Beef liver might not be a good meals but it still contain vitamin D. You can eat it in small amount because it is high in cholesterol.
  10. Cod liver oil contains adequate vitamin D for daily dose. There’s many flavored of the cod liver oil such as with mint or citrus or in capsule form.
  11. Ultraviolet Lamps or Bulbs is easiest way to get vitamin D.  But you need to get doctor’s recommendation because it can carry the skin cancer risks and eye health too.


That’s some of alternatives way to get vitamin D but the best way is from the sun.

Reference : Health Yahoo

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