Going the Extra Mile for The Perfect Health in Time for Spring

Gloomy mornings, grey days and cold weather make us less active during winter. However, when the spring is about to come, we need to make sure that our mind and body are ready for the upcoming sunny weather, which is why you need to switch up your routine. From eating healthier to going to the doctor’s for regular check-ups, there are a few things you need to do in order to welcome spring in good shape.


Choose healthy food

Spending a lot of time indoors laying around the house, tends to cause often snack cravings, which is the best recipe for gaining weight. You’ll have chips one day, popcorn the next, and before you know it, you’ll spend every night with a movie and a bag of salty snacks, which will potentially make you gain weight if your physical activity is low. Therefore, make sure you break all the bad food habits, start eating more vitamins and enrich your food with all the healthy nutrients. Stop snacking at night, but have a nutritious breakfast that will fuel your body with enough energy to go through the morning. Stock up on your favourite veggie varieties and feed your body with necessary enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that come from kale, chard, endive, spinach, broccoli, green beans, leafy greens, zucchini, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes.

General health check-ups

Spring is a lovely time of the year to travel and see some of the amazing places you’ve had on your bucket list. Therefore, if you decide to go on an overseas trip, it would be a good idea to go to a general check-up and make sure you’re in tip-top shape. This is especially important if you’re travelling overseas because if you’re, for example, from Australia and you decide to visit Europe, the shift between the seasons can take a lot of toll on your body.

Therefore, make sure you see your doctor and the dentist, because any potential teeth problems may get worse once you’re up in the air. Let the experts from Penrith dental clinic check your oral health and point out any potential issues that you should take care of before flying to another country. A pressure change with an increase in altitude during a flight can cause toothaches, so let experienced orthodontists offer you the best possible check-up and potential treatment at a professional friendly environment, prior to the trip.

Break a sweat

When the winter blues is over it’s time to bust a move. Jump into your favourite sweats and start working on your fitness. Whether you decide to hit the gym or start jogging outside, increased physical activity will make you feel better and look amazing for the bikini season. You can start easily by taking a light walk every day for a week0, after which you should increase the intensity of your workout. Take your bike and go for an hour-long ride and feel that endorphin-promoting release of physical exertion flow through your body. Both your lungs and your joints will be grateful for allowing them to breathe in some fresh air and feel the blood coursing fast through your veins. By boosting the endorphin release, your body will instantly be fuelled with good-mood hormones which will also relieve stress and make you feel much more optimistic and happier.


Your body will need a full detox prior to spring, so think about cutting back on sugary drinks and switching to water. What’s more, you might want to try out lemon water which many celebrities see as holy cleanse grail. The experts say you should have a minimum of three 16-ounce glasses of water with lemon a day, for the optimal results. Some of the benefits of drinking lemon water three times a day are improved digestion and better stimulation of the liver. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to your workouts as well, and compensate for the water that will be lost through perspiration. Unsweetened ice tea and green tea can also be great sources of hydration that won’t add calories if water is just too flavourless for you.

Final thoughts

Just as you’ll be spring cleaning your home, you should the same with your body. Cleanse it from all the toxins that might have built up inside during the winter blues and switch to a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthier, become more physically active, see your doctor for a thorough check-up and drink plenty of water so you can welcome the next spring in a good mood and even better health.

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