Guide to Finding the Perfect Back Massager

As many of us have started to age, we have become more aware of back pain. It’s not that we didn’t feel our back muscles ache after moving boxes about in the garage or loading the car with some heavy cargo, but the pain came and went within an hour. When back pain becomes persistent, it can render even the most basic activities nearly impossible. You might not even want get out of the bed in the morning to prep from work. Instead of letting the discomfort take hold of your life, you should consider picking out a quality back massager to help you get through your day pain-free. A handheld unit is probably not the most suitable for this type of application.


The market for back massagers has exploded in recent years, with many big brands branching out into the arena. Back massagers can stimulate one or more areas on or near your back with a slight vibration to a more potent rolling action. They don’t need to be outfitted with aftermarket accessories like their handheld counterparts to treat muscles soreness in the back. You will need to determine exactly which areas are causing you the greatest discomfort before going shopping.

The most common offender is the lumbar or lower back area, which rarely sees ample support from home, office, and car seating. The more comprehensive a massage you want, the greater budget you should set aside towards a back massager.

If you want your device to be capable of performing multiple different massages, then get one that already has several pre-programmed modes. Some features now come standard on even the lower priced models, such as a heating element.

Unfortunately, many people seem to be under the illusion that one massager is as good as another regardless of the type of person it’s indeed for. The truth of the matter is that the same massager providing comfortable stimulation to one person may be harming another. If you were to visualize a back massager for a moment, you would realize that the placement of the massaging heads is not ideal for everyone.

A shorter person’s neck, for instance, may not quick reach the massaging heads intended for the area. These would instead be stimulating the back of the head causing for pain.

It is for these reasons and others that you should not rely on what’s written online and elsewhere to make a buying decision. Demo what you can at friends’ houses and at stores nearby. You will eventually get enough experience under your belt to know what to look for. Try to pick up on other less obvious aspects to potential massagers like the noise of the unit as well as how well it conforms to seating surfaces. Careful and intense observation will lead you to the best back massager for purchase.


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