Health Risks for Women Over 40

Women after 40s have a risk of many disease such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.
Eating is related to healthy. Many women don’t eat the right right meal. Their unbalanced diets will effect into diabetes, obesity, anorexia, high blood pressure and other health problem. Some of women exclude nutritious food in pursuit of a diet that emphasizes goal to calories/fat restriction. A healthful diet not skip on nutrition or overdo empty calories. The best diet is focusing on plant based diet featuring whole fruits, whole grains and vegetables, healthy oils and fish.
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Many 40s women are caregiver. It is good but with little time or opportunity for adequate self-care they’re prone to caregiving stress syndrome. The syndrome linked to a medical chart full of health woes. Women that caring for husbands has sign for stree and emotional nuances.
Sleep also a big problem for women above 40s especially when they reached age 50.Insufficient sleep will increase the risk of hypertension in women. Women in 40s need to have sleep more than 5 hours a nigh but less than 8.5.
In 40s, women body become weak and they need to moving. Many women especially working at office have small amount of moving. It could raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Drinking alcohol will cause health problem such as heart disease, cancer, alcoholism and alcoholic hepatitis. On average, women weigh is less than men so they have less water in their bodies. Hormone ang aging will affect to metabolize alcohol.
Women who smoking will have big risk of heart disease, ALzheimer’s disease, cancer and lung disease.

Source :- Health Yahoo

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