How to get Flat Abs

Get a flat abs is dream for us. It show the curve and muscle of our body? How to get flat abs fast? Read this tips

1. Do a good posture. You need to standing tall with tummy and butt tucked in. It will makes your front look flatter.Do this three times per week, work up to three sets of 12 reps. Do this some movement
Glute Bridge – How to do this movement? Watch this video

Bird Dog – How to do Bird Dog exercise? Watch this video

2. Fight With Fiber. Mix a teaspoon or two into cereal or yogurt. It could help prevent constipation. To avoid stomachaches, increase fiber slowly and up your water intake.
3. Take a meal with foods rich in protein. It help you to build muscle while soluble fiber found in beans, oats, fruits and vegetable. This fiber could shrinks belly fat.

Get the attractive body you need

Front Plank:
A. Lie on stomach, with forearms on floor and hands palm-down on either side of chest.
B. Tuck toes, lift legs, tighten abs, and raise body to a modified push-up position, keeping forearms on the floor. Hold five seconds, then lower.
C. Repeat three times. Work up to holding for 20 seconds each time.

Half-Kneel Lift:

A. Kneel on right knee, with left foot forward and left knee at 90-degree angle. Hold a soccer ball with both hands at right hip.
B. Without rotating body, slowly bring ball up and across until it’s above left shoulder and slightly behind you. Return to start.
C. Do two to three sets of eight to 12 reps on each side.

Reference :- SHine Yahoo
That’s 3 simple step to get flat abs faster. For other’s way to build muscle and flat abs, try below product.

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