How to get ride of blackheads

Do you have an experience a blackhead in your skin? It is not only black color; sometimes it can be yellowish in color. It is a widened hair follicle which is filled with skin debris, oil and bacteria. The blackheads appear means acne will come. Blackheads come before bacteria invade the pores of the patient’s skin. It can develop as a pimple and make your skin worst.
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These common problems develop after puberty, when hormone levels surge and reach the skin. The high levels of hormones will triggers the stimulation of the sebaceous gland that will produce oil substances. The oil in the pores will be stuck and when the skin exposed to air it will becomes black.

Blackheads can affect to all people with any type of skin but mostly easily affect to those with oily skin.

Cause of blackheads

The main cause of the blackhead is overproduction of oil in the skin. As explain above it common occur during puberty. The levels of dihydrotestosterone, could triggers overactivity in the oil glands and result of clogged pores.

Skin must be washing and cleaned properly because more blackheads could appear. Improperly clean makes more dead skin cells build up within the pores. It could make clogged that accelerates the buildup of oil inside. It will form the blackheads to your skin.

The blackhead can emerge if moisturizers make up, foundation or sun screens being overused.

There’s a myth that food could cause acne. It is not really true. Some studies have shown that there’s no link between diary products and acne.

Stress also could trigger blackheads and acne. It is not directly affect but it can cause people to pick at their blackheads and acne which make it worse to sufferer. It is because of the habit not the stress itself.

Treatment for blackheads

There’s method to treat blackheads such as :-

  • Hormonal treatments have often been used for the treatment.
  • Cleaning the skin is a natural way. You can use good cleanser that suitable for oily skin
  • There’s also medication such as adapalene to treat the blackheads and acne. There’s many patient get good results using the medicine.
  • Get exposure to sunlight or ultra-violet may help to unblock pores. But don’t overdo it. It is important to discuss with your doctor because overdone could raise risk of skin cancer and burning.
  • Touch the skin with greasy hair could stop the spread of blackheads and acne


Source :- Medicalnewstoday


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