Infographic: Which Toothpaste Type is Best for You?

When toothpastes are advertised with phrases such as ‘whitening’, ‘desensitizing’ and ‘cavity protection’, these are not mere marketing buzzwords that try to make a frankly unadventurous product sound exciting. These are all properties that help to differentiate between the various toothpaste types and while one type could suit you perfectly, another might be less than ideal. Likewise, the type that’s best for you could be poorly suited to somebody else.

To help you gain an understanding of what toothpaste types might be best suited to your teeth, Dervla Leavy Dental Care created this neatly summarized infographic guide. There’s also an explainer of the various ingredients that are normally included in toothpaste so that you know what you’re rubbing against your teeth twice a day!


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