Iron Will and Discipline: 7 Ways to Keep Your Food Cravings under Control

Typically, a weight loss program involves strict dieting.  One of the biggest challenges faced by people on a diet is resisting food cravings.

Food craving is the immense desire of taking a particular substance. A majority of cravings usually involve the longing for sugary foods, especially those consisting of refined sugars. Thus, cravings can significantly inhibit the achievement of weight loss goals.

Though this issue appears uncontrollable, there are ways through which individuals can regulate their food intake. Below are the 7 best ways of controlling food cravings.

Drinking Lots of Water


In most cases, people may perceive thirst as hunger. This means that when a food craving kicks in, it is recommendable to take a considerable amount of water and subsequently deduct whether the body is thirsty or hungry. If the body was hungry, the craving persists; otherwise, it fades away. Besides, there are other advantages linked to drinking large amounts of water, such as regulation of appetite and assisting in weight control.

Increasing Protein Intake

 Cravings come as a result of increased appetites. Consuming foods with high percentages of protein usually reduces the appetite levels, translating into a lower frequency of food cravings. In fact, study reports posted on indicated that higher protein intakes reduce cravings for both teenagers as well as obese males.

Obviously, the most common way of increasing protein intake is by taking food enriched with this nutrient. Alternatively, users can opt for drinks and beverages that are fortified with proteins, such as KetoLogic.

Using Distractions

 Another factor that is likely to increase cravings is idleness. Therefore, it is advisable to engage in other activities that will distract the mind from thinking about specific foods.  For instance, chewing gum can reduce appetite. Also, avoiding tempting places such as fast-food stores considerably reduces the intake of cravings.

Eating Enough

 Mostly, food cravings stem from hunger. This, however, can be avoided by eating enough food at regular intervals. Also, snacks can come in handy as a remedy to uncontrollable cravings.

Avoiding Stress


According to multiple studies, stress is one of the leading causes of obesity. This habit particularly manifests itself among women, as they tend to develop food cravings when their minds are strained. Indeed, stressful women consume more calories than those who are not stressed.

The most dependable means of mitigating stress include mediation and planning.

Getting Enough Sleep


Surprisingly, the amount and quality of sleep influence the appetite of an individual. The human body experiences ongoing fluctuations regarding hormones. Lack of sufficient sleep affects this hormone cycle. As a result, the body gradually becomes unable to control, cravings and eating habits. As per the National Institutes of Health, people who get inadequate sleep are more likely to develop obesity as compared to this who sleep soundly.

Eating Balanced Diets

 Lastly, cravings can be controlled by taking balanced diets. For example, main dishes can be complemented using fruits and vegetables. In addition to providing essential nutrients to the body, balanced diets are more satisfactory. This reduces the frequency at which an individual eats.

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