Jane Lynch Eating Tips

Jane Lynch is 58 years old and still look healthy even she doesn’t like to exercise. The secret of her beauty is more on her diet.
She admits that the eating habit in the past are key she’s made within the past year. Read the article from Prevention.com

Lynch is a fan of the Atkins diet that consists of eating high-fat and high-protein foods to keep you fuller, longer and reduce your appetite.
Of course you will eating less which can lead to lose more pound.It is similar to Keto Diet, Atkins designed to burn fat as fuel instead of sugar.

While Atkins encourages fatty meats, Lynch says she still had to cut way down on one of her favorites. “I used to eat steak every day, but then my cholesterol was in the 260s and I had to switch to salmon,” she says. “I really love salmon. When I love something, I eat it over and over again.”
Another food she loves and “eats every single day” is cheese, in many forms. She’ll eat either a slice of cheese or parmesan crisps in between meals, especially when she’s busy filming.

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Other than eating healthy through Atkins diet, she also meditates with a form of Transcendental Meditation (TM).Like other successful executives and celebrities, Lynch has found TM to be calming and helpful for tapping into her creativity. “I was trained in TM in 1996, but I didn’t stick with it until the past 6 to 7 months,” she says. “I’ve been meditating with David Lynch.” Lynch runs the David Lynch Foundation, which teaches meditation to children (and other celebs like Jane!).

She’s also a big fan of podcasts. “My favorite thing to do is go to a coffee shop in West Hollywood and listen to podcasts,” she says. “I’m not as busy as you think and have a lot of free time.”

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