Milk thistle for a healthy heart

Obesity and overweight is a growing phenomenon in the community. Overweight is actually a risk factor for several health problems like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and several more.
Fatty liver disease was once considered a disease of the West. However, due to changes in lifestyle and diet, incidence is increasing dramatically. It can be caused by excessive alcohol intake or the result of metabolic problems such as obesity, glucose or blood fat levels normal.
The study found the metabolic syndrome among people with non-alcoholic fatty liver associated with overweight or obesity, especially abdominal obesity, the level of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) is low, high triglyceride levels and glucose intolerance.
Milk thistle is a product that can help in your health. The results showed that silymarin, the components found in milk thistle can help improve liver function and prevent liver damage in fatty liver patients. While silibin, the active component in silymarin helps stabilize cell membranes against toxic substances. As an anti-oxidant, anti-silibin increase enzyme activity of free radicals in cells of the body, improve detoxification function of liver and promote liver recovery.
Dandelion has a unique role in maintaining heart health, including health. Intake was found to help increase bile flow. As a general tonic, dandelion has a cleaner and showed that it improved inflammation of the gall bladder problems, heart disease by helping the elimination of toxins.

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Try milk thistle at your home to make better health for your life.

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