Mould in the Home – Infographic

Mould is something that isn’t a glamorous topic but it impacts thousands of homes all over the world. There is also a common misconception that your home can’t be hit by mould if it is a new build; that isn’t the case unfortunately with many more recently built homes being hindered by mould. It looks terrible but more importantly it is something that can seriously impact on the health of the house’s occupants if it isn’t tackled head on. People with respiratory issues like asthma are particularly at risk of being more ill when exposed to mould in the home. If the mould is taking up a small area, it is likely that it’s something that you can fight against yourself but be careful to monitor the situation should it worsen or return. More large scale areas hit by mould should be inspected by experienced contractors who can put a plan in place to get rid of the issue and who can also advise about future prevention. This infographic from the guys at Half Price is a useful all-you-need-to-know guide about mould. It indicates how mould develops; it shows the health implications of serious mould in the home; it looks at how it can be tackled and it delivers some valuable expert advice plus lots more. Check it out below.

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