Face mask plays an essential role in slowing down the spreading of airborne diseases. Airborne disease usually spread from person to person with certain type of infections such as cough, sneeze. One such airborne disease is Covid-19 and as we all know the current covide-19 pandemic is rapidly increasing worldwide. Wearing any random face mask might not provide you high level safety from this airborne disease. Hence, it is necessary to choose your mask carefully.

N95 is a face mask that filters out almost 95% of airborne particles. The face mask is designed in such a way to achieve close facial fit and effectively filters the airborne particles. The N95 is named after its efficiency to filter out 95% of micro particles.

Even the studies have proven that the N95 respirators are 95% more effective for micro particles of about 0.3um. N95 respirators are slightly different from surgical masks. A respirator reduces the airborne particle exposure including both major and minor droplets and aerosols. Whereas surgical mask serves quite different purpose and it only limit the spread of particles from one person to others. N95 respirators are tight fitting masks than compared to surgical masks.

People also have some myths about N95 respirators. Read the infographic below to know more about the N95 respirators and its efficiency to protect you from airborne diseases. Check out the Micronti website and buy the high-quality face masks. We also sell face masks for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco customers. 

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