Orthodontic Nursing – What to Expect

I’m pretty sure that most of you already have the necessary knowledge and experience about the different types of orthodontic treatment out there but here are some basics for the few of you that don’t and the rest of you can use this to refresh your memory.

An orthodontic nurse is expected to assist/support an orthodontist in the same way that a medical nurse assists a doctor. Orthodontic nurses need to have an updated license to work and practice in the US. Your job profile involves aiding a dentist during dental care, orthodontic treatment procedures patient care. You can get jobs in hospitals, private dental practices, other healthcare facilities and schools.

About Braces

Orthodontic treatment usually covers the application of braces to the teeth or the use of other appliances which slowly move the teeth and jaws into their correct places, this can be done for both aesthetic and functional reasons. But there are different ways to achieve this such as lingual and clear/invisible braces and aligners, headgear, functional appliances, removable braces and fixed braces.

The Role of an Orthodontic Nurse in an Orthodontic Practice

You will have to set up the surgery every morning and ensure that things like patient notes are all present and any work that is needed for the day has been returned from the laboratory. You are responsible for preparing the required instruments for the scheduled procedure and mixing any substances that are needed.

Surgery Preparation and Assistance

One of your duties is to prepare the room and equipment for surgery every day. You will have to set up the tools and materials required by the orthodontist for each dental procedure. You will usually have to assist the orthodontist by providing him with an extra pair of hands whenever necessary as well as by handing him some tools whenever he needs them.

You are also responsible for cleaning up post surgery, which includes disinfecting all the surfaces, sterilizing all the equipment and then storing the tools in clean compartments.

Orthodontic Nurses Should Ensure that All Patients are Comfortable before and during their Procedure

Orthodontic nurses are responsible for interacting with and caring for patients. Nurses should help to ensure that all patients are comfortable prior to their orthodontic treatment procedure and while they are undergoing it. You may also have to administer pain relief prior to treatment and provide patients with personal protective equipment prior to undergoing surgery. You may have to counsel some of your patients in certain cases post their surgery by giving them advice and instructions on self-care, recovery and prevent the condition from recurring or getting any worse. You may also be required to take pre- and post-treatment pictures to assess a patient’s condition and recovery.

Administrative and Clerical Duties

You may sometimes be required to help out with reception work if the practice where you work it is temporarily understaffed. Your duties here can include tending to visitors on arrival, filing paperwork, processing payments via telephone or in person and booking patient appointments.

You can progress from a regular orthodontic nurse to become the head nurse or even advance even further to become a practice manager if you are willing to do all the above.

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