Natural way of Detox


Some of us think detox diet is just drink apple juice or all natural fruit juice and eat nothing. It is not  healthy way for your body. The natural way of detoxing is eating . You need to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your liver, kidney, GI tract.


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Natural way of Detox


What to drink: If you stay hydrated throughout the day, you won’t mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking water helps flush your system, eliminating toxins naturally, Glassman says. And drinking green tea will provide enough antioxidants to boost your body’s calorie-burning abilities. Try drinking a cup twice a day with a snack, turning that little bite more into a mini-meal.


Breakfast: Try starting the day with grapefruit, eggs and a whole grain, like oatmeal, quinoa or even brown rice. Grapefruit is about 90 percent water, so it’ll fill you up without a lot of extra calories. (Oranges or cantaloupe provide similar benefits.) Eggs are a good source of protein, and as Glassman explains, “protein at breakfast has also been associated with less calories throughout the day.” The whole grain dish provides fiber, which will keep you full.

Morning snack: Make sure to get a snack in the morning — it’ll keep your energy levels up, and it’ll keep you from becoming ravenous at your next meal. Try natural, sodium- and sugar-free peanut butter or almond butter on a few celery sticks, or cucumber and guacamole. Both the celery and cucumber are high in water volume, which will keep you full, and the nut butter and guacamole are sources of good fat.

Lunch: Load up on the veggies, which are, again, high in water volume and high in fiber, which helps your GI tract stay in motion and eliminate waste naturally. Get some protein by adding salmon. “People often skimp on lunch and they sabotage themselves,” Glassman says.

Afternoon snack: “Think about what you’re craving,” Glassman says. “Don’t try to eat around the craving.” Want something sweet? Grab an apple. Need something crunchy? Eat a handful of nuts. Just make sure your snack contains fiber, protein or healthy fat.

Dinner: Here’s an easy dinner rule to remember: Get two vegetables in at your evening meal. Make your own veggie-packed soup, or a big salad plus another veggie and some lean protein, like grilled chicken.

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Reference :- Today Health

Now, do you understand ? Detox natural way is better. You can enjoy your meal and also get a healthy diet.

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