One Lap is Better Than None: Be Healthy, Your Way

With over 25 million Americans suffering from type II diabetes and a 35.9 percent obesity rate in adults tipping the scale in the obese range, what’s it going to take for us to get on board with a healthier lifestyle? Sure, we are bombarded with advertisements for junk food, live in cubicles, and have an increasingly available slew of products and services that don’t require us to leave a computer screen…but pointing fingers doesn’t make anyone healthier.

Our brains are literally hardwired like a computer program to make it exceedingly difficult for us to make positive changes. So, despite your conscious desire to live healthier, make time for exercise, and quit that Twizzlers addiction, your subconscious is going to rally against you around every turn, rooting for you to break down and cave in, but willpower and determination can conquer even the most stubborn habits.

Exercise on Your Terms

Group of People Cycling at GymIt’s not realistic for those of us with families and full-time jobs to hire a personal trainer and devote an hour and a half to the gym five days a week. However, that doesn’t mean exercise is skippable! It’s one of the key factors in health and longevity, and lowers everything from cholesterol to weight, to bad attitudes.

Unfortunately, daily opportunities to shed calories often pass us by. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator alone can help you live longer, and adding up all the burned calories over time will help you weigh a lot less. Even the act of taking your dog on an hour-long stroll around the block can burn over a hundred calories. If you’re ready to up the ante and get serious about getting the body you’ve always dreamed of, programs like Fortune High-Tech Marketing’s FABS Cyber Fitness programs tailor at-home workouts to your needs.

Similar to other FHTM products and individual diet plans, Cyber Fitness caters its 12-week programs to target your problem areas, and they are designed for you by a personal trainer, so there’s not the guess work of going to the gym.

Realistic Diets That Don’t Cause Riots

Dieting is a word that scares most people, as it conjures images of painful deprivation of deliciousness, pulling out a bag of dry rice cakes at your favorite bistro while watching your family indulge in pasta, but when you break it down, they don’t have to be all that scary. Many diet plans that are around today are specifically designed to be upheld long term. U.S. News and World Report recently released a “Best Of” list for diets, and it’s filled with ideas and plans that leave little room for excuses.

The Volumetrics Diet has been hailed as a great way to take weight off and keep it off. The Volumetrics Diet is based on the notion that people tend to eat about the same amount, or weight of food every day, despite the number of calories consumed. In a nutshell, the Volumetrics Diet will help you transition into eating healthier foods without sacrificing quantity. Other effective diets include the Raw Food Diet, the DASH diet and the Weight Watchers Diet. Although they vary quite a bit, the “meat and potatoes” of it all generally boils down to eating less fatty meat and potatoes (flour, sugar, high-fat oils), and more fruits and vegetables.

Whether you want to be happier, in better shape, live longer, or look better, making simple changes to achieve the best version of you is worth the extra effort.

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