Pregnancy : Morning Sickness

For pregnant women, sometimes you feel sick and could vomit. The condition called of ‘morning sickness’ can acutally happen at any time of the day.
This ‘morning sickness‘ nothing to do with the underlying health of your pregnancy or that of your unborn baby. It’s only sign of normal pregnancy.

Coping with the feelings of nausea and sporadic vomiting is an unwanted additional concern when you’re pregnant. There are, however, a few helpful measures that you can take:

  • Eat small amounts frequently, every two hours if necessary. Don’t let your stomach remain empty for longer than this
  • Choose dry toast and plain biscuits, such as milk arrowroots or water crackers, as a snack
  • Fruit and savoury foods are better than sweet things
  • Even though you’re keeping to small meals, do make sure that you have plenty of protein and carbohydrate in them.
  • You may find yourself craving carbohydrates – and if this is the case, then go with it, as the body usually knows what it needs.
  • That means bread, crispbreads and other starchy foods such as pasta and rice.

Ginger is known to have anti-emetic qualities, which means that it is good at preventing you from being sick. You can find it in ginger biscuits, ginger ale and ginger tea. You can buy the tea in sachets or make it yourself with grated fresh root, boiling water and honey to taste.

| Morning Sickness Remedies and Cure |

If you want to explore complementary remedies, the alternative treatments that are known to be useful for pregnancy sickness sufferers include acupuncture, acupressure or shiatsu massage and homeopathy. Find a reputable practitioner, ideally recommended, with experience in the area you prefer.

Whatever you choose to do, the basic measures include getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of clear fluids. Take confidence from the fact that, for most women, pregnancy sickness does end – usually by about 14 weeks. If you are finding it difficult to cope, talk to your midwife or doctor to see if they can help.

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