Morning Sickness Remedies and Cures

Morning Sickness


Some of women suffer from morning sickness. This is some tips to cure the morning sickness :-

1. Make it minty. Mint is also helpful and refreshing for nauseated moms-to-be. Brushing teeth alone with a minty tooth paste can help, and carry around a tin of mints in your purse. Mint teas and minty scented tissues and other personal hygiene products can put the kibosh on morning sickness.

2.Be bland. Even if spicy, hot and sizzling foods were your thing before pregnancy, laying off them while dealing with morning sickness is a good idea. Instead, eat plainer foods like potatoes, plain pastas, salads with plain dressings and some mild fruits and vegetables. Soups and broths are a good idea too.

3.Lemon. Even f you are not crazy for citrus, give this tarty fruit a shot! Lemon water, lemon in your drinks, squeezed on a salad, lemon drops, lemon body sprays and lemon popsicles can all help to settle a troubled tummy and ward off the waves of nausea. Consider carrying products that contain lemon so that if a bout of morning sickness crashes down, you can sooth yourself as quickly as possible.

4. Carb it! Crackers, breads and rolls will help start the morning off and maintain your energy during the day. Healthy whole grains are best for you and baby, but the old staple of saltine crackers can also work wonders. While starches are considered bad choices for some dieters, potatoes may help too.

5.Go sour and enjoy your ginger. Sour flavors help with nausea, as does ginger. Take ginger to ward off a queasy stomach and invest in some delicious popsicles made especially for pregnant women. With name like Preggo Pops and Preggie Pops, they’ll be easy to recognize. Look for ginger flavors as well as many sour citrus choices. Jolly Rancher brand pops are also popular with pregnant women.

Reference :- Yahoo Health

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