Staying Fit And Healthy While Working A Desk Job

Most jobs these days have people glued to their chairs all day long with their eyes firmly fixed on a screen. The long hours and constant inflow of emails leave us drained by the end of the day and we are left with no motivation to hit the gym. This sedentary lifestyle not only results in weight gain but also poses the risk of severe health issues such as diabetes,


If you’re like most women, you’ve been struggling to flatten your stomach for about two decades now. Why? Because you think achieving enviable abs is complicated. Don’t be fooled! If you’re smart with your strategy, scoring a flat belly is actually incredibly simple. Follow these three steps and you’ll have a flat belly in no time. STEP 1: EXERCISE But not so fast with the crunches! It takes 250,000 crunches

Fasting for Ramadan brings health benefits

  Firstly, I want to wish ‘Happy Ramadan ‘ for all Muslims. It is month which muslims opening with a meal before dawn and no food or drink until sunset called ‘fasting’. There’s rule fasting for Muslims, a person who have health problem can skip the practice This practice can bring some health benefits to the body such as :- Give body a rest. As our body working in 11

Difficult to sleep - Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping problems often occur among individuals. The disease is called insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep, or the inability to get enough sleep. Hours of sleep needed by a dependent on age. Babies and children need time to sleep longer than older people. Number of bedrooms needed by the elderly is about 4-5 hours compared with younger people who need 8 hours. The following are symptoms of insomnia

overcoming migrain

Some of us have a hard headache and it will cause pain. It happen frequently especially when you are in stress. Beware of it, maybe it is a migraine. What is Migraine ? It is a neurological syndrome that causes headaches and nausea. Patient will suffer in migraine and display a perceptions change in body. Most of migraine will lasts about 4 – 72 hours and effect their sensory, visual

Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

It’s bad news for diet soda fans. Most people think diet soda is good for health because no calories or sugar. But it is not really an answer for health. It has side effects that may harm your health. Let’s read some of the side effect of diet soda 1. The drink product could effect your kidneys. Studies from Harvard Medical School show that diet cola is associated with a