What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and its treatment?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative encephalopathy that normally occurs in pre-age or postage minds with cognitive and memory functions not working properly.

As the population aging intensifies, it is believed that patients with such diseases have rapidly increased in numbers making a social Burdon. 

It leads to focus on Alzheimer’s disease treatment, and scientists are still working more to make it possible through their commitment that highlights the posture and influence of such disease. 

However, Alzheimer disease treatment is an entire workload management not only requires individuals or family, but the entire society to participate. 

What it means to face such a disease that the person has stopped reminding, his or her mind has started to function slowly and gradually it will terminate so his or her mood has to be taken great care of. 

The treatment of AD normally considers three different methods and it may include: 

  • Drug treatment 
  • Non-drug treatment 
  • Lifecare 

But one thing that is strongly insisted by experts is that there are certain drugs that can help in cognitive improvement or delay the spread out, but exactly speaking there is no such drug that can completely reverse or cure the disease. 

The complete wipeout of such diseases by a particular drug is still to come and till that time to proceed; those who face Alzheimer’s have to depend on gradual recovery from medical treatment. 

Drug treatment 

Scientists do believe in continuing the work further to bring handy research and also to implement medicines available today. 

As it’s proved for many years, AD is related to: 

  • Amyloid-beta aggregations 
  • Neurofibrillary tangles 
  • Neuro inflammations, and 
  • A series of physiological cascades including complement cascades 

As a consequence interference with neuro inflammations has grown up to a great therapeutics therapy in recent times. 

Currently, there are many complicated components that are upregulated in an AD brain like C1R, C1S, C1T, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, and C9. 

Recent results also show that components c5 and c5R with their receptors are upregulated in mouse bottles of AD to find out how much they might pulse. 

Study shows that it helps in its inhibitors and to reduce amyloid blackness in the form of receptors but to make it possible, it has to be implemented in a much proficient way. 

Non-drug treatment 

Apart from pharmaceutical drugs, various therapies like cognitive training, vocational training, Music therapy, and psychotherapy are used for helping such patients. 

For memory-losing patients, short-term memory training and instant memory training are considered to be of great use. 

It can be a children’s game which is easy to remember and can be conducted by family members.

However, for those patients whose mood and behavior change very quickly, it’s better to consider psychotherapy to control their moods so it will help them stay in regular concentration. 


It is the most vital part of Alzheimer’s disease treatment which can either be conducted by family or hospital nurses. 

In the 1st stage, the patient has to be encouraged to do things on his or her own, to participate with social feelings, and walk around to some distance. 

In the 2nd stage, family members have to encourage and support the patient to do things that make him or her delightful with their assistance. 

In the third stage, it becomes critical and patients lose their abilities, thus assisted living personnel from an assisted living community like the ones from tequestaterrace.com/assisted-living/ are required to help the patient eat, dress, clean and get settled. If you have a loved one suffering from this disease, then you may want look into assisted living services for seniors or a valuable respite care for seniors to give them a great senior living community life. You can check out communities like River Point of Kerrville or visit sites like terrazacourtseniorliving.com/assisted-living/your-home/.


This disease is tricky in its nature, but the help of certain members can reduce its symptoms and delay its spread out in person to have a happy life. 

It not only becomes essential how family members handle it but also how the treatment is procured and that helps a person struggling with Alzheimer’s to have a better life. 

The research continues and experts are still working on it to make such people live better, till then we can hope for stronger responses and get settled with current practice for the need being.



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