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Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques Used in Delhi

Nowadays the hair transplant in Delhi is becoming much popular. So, the techniques for doing the hair transplant is also been on the rise. The hair falling issues are nowadays have seen much in the young individuals only. Talking about the present scenario, Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi is becoming much popular as in this technique there is not any kind of linear cut or does not cause any pain

What Should Your Normal Resting Heart Rate Really Be?

Most of us don’t know the normal resting heart rate. Nowaday, using the wearable tracker we could measure our daily heart rate. Do you know our normal heart beats in a lifetime is 2.5 billion? American Heart Association in their statement predict that for those 70 year lifetime, an average human heart beats is more than 2.5 billion times. But what is normal resting heart rate? Let’s read an article

What Is the Healthiest Way to Cook Vegetables?

Do you love vegetables? Do you cook your own vegetables? If yes, do you think your way of cooking is really good. has wrote an article to show whether the way you cook is ideal or not for your health? Just read it Vegetables are nature’s multivitamins. Eat a wide and colorful assortment of them, and you’ll pack your diet with an alphabet’s worth of vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and

BHI Cardiology

As cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, it is vital to understand what increases risk. Although many of the factors involved — such as obesity, hypertension, and smoking — are now well-known, there are still some missing parts to the puzzle. Certain reproductive factors — which might include early menopause, early periods, or menarche, complications of pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, and hysterectomy — have long

5 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

Whether you’ve just completed a grueling workout or chowed down on an onion-packed burger, chances are, at one time or another, you’ve been that person who stunk up the room. In most cases, a simple shower, swipe of deodorant, or line of minty-fresh toothpaste could remedy the situation. But in other cases, it’s not so simple. That’s because your body odor can actually speak volumes about your health. In fact,

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Good news: There are tried-and-true tricks to maximize your burn from a.m. to p.m. (without disrupting your lifestyle). Take advantage of these five easy power-up hacks. 1. Don’t sit still   Fidget, stand, and chew gum; these types of activities, termed NEAT (nonexercise activity thermogenesis), have been shown to help torch an extra 300 to 2,000 calories per day. 2. Become a fan of green tea Studies indicate that green