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Learning to swim: a skill that lasts a lifetime and good for our bodies – Infographic

Swimming is one of the best hobbies that anybody could take up. It is also good for our health. It’s a skill that can be learned at any age and at your own pace, and it’s one that will do wonders for your self-confidence. It’s a hobby through which you could make lifelong friends with a shared interest. It could enable you to save someone’s life if you saw that

What are throat ulcers?

An ulcer is essentially a break in tissue, or a tissue defect, whether that tissue be the skin, the lining in the stomach, or the mucus membranes that line the pharynx, mouth, and esophagus. The word ulcer derives from the Greek word for wound. An ulcer is in fact an open wound, an area from which protective tissue has been torn away, exposing the tissues that lie beneath. It is

Signs of ADHD can be different in girls

When asked to describe a typical child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), most people would describe a young boy who climbs on things, is impatient and does not do what he is told. Few people would describe a bubbly young girl with lots of friends, who works hard to get good grades. It may be, however, that the girl does experience ADHD symptoms that interfere with her daily life

Set Goals to Avoid Relapse with These Tips: Your Future Depends On It

Overcoming addiction can be a painful, stressful process for your body and mind. Unfortunately, no addict is immune to relapsing, as it can affect anyone struggling with addiction. But, you might be able to aid your own recovery by setting goals for yourself that you want to attain during, and after, the process, which can help you remember why you want to get your life back on track. What are

What to Expect at Your Initial Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

A visit to the cosmetic dentist is your first step towards a beautiful and a healthy smile. A cosmetic dentist is a person who can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and guide you more about maintaining a proper dental health.  They are capable of restoring and improving your smile in multiple ways. Whether it is treating decayed teeth in a discreet way, removing visible stains from the teeth, straightening crooked

Can I Treat Diabetes Without Drugs?

If you have type 1 diabetes, you must take daily insulin injections to keep your blood glucose in a normal range. Your body produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a vital hormone that helps your body convert food into energy. Without insulin, you would die. If you have type 2 diabetes, the answer to this question is much less clear. Many people can keep their blood glucose in a