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Busted: 7 myths about surrogacy and IVF in the USA

Busted: 7 myths about surrogacy and IVF in the USA   Infertility is something that one in eight women in the USA struggle with. It’s a very personal and difficult situation, one that doesn’t get talked about often. Dispelling myths about IVF and Surrogacy in the United States is so important. Not only for the intended parents and potential surrogate, but also for society in general. Shaming surrogacy and IVF

Early risers have lower risk of depression, study finds

Do sleep-wake preferences influence our risk of depression? A new study confirms that they do, and “morning people” are on the winning side. People’s chronotypes — that is, their sleep and waking preferences — could affect their well-being, studies have shown. Whether we are early birds (early sleepers and risers) or night owls (late sleepers and risers) may affect our chance of developing mental health issues such as depression. Researchers

Unfit in middle age: Are you doomed?

Are you someone in middle age who keeps putting off that planned health kick for another day? If so, a couple of new studies may give you a sense of urgency. One paper found that elevated blood pressure in middle age increases the risk of dementia, while another says being frail at this time raises your chances of an early death. So how bad is a lack of fitness in


Suicide reports affect people everywhere and the impact is widespread. Following the deaths of designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain, suicide, suicide prevention and depression are now topics of public interest, prompting everyone to look around and see if someone they know is going through depression. The challenge is, nobody knows who can have depression. There is a genetic link to the illness – depression is known to run


Our skin communicates many things to the people around us – including our health and age. For as long as we could possibly remember, the need to achieve younger looking skin with a youthful glow has been the aim of many men and women across the globe. Many go as far as to go under the knife, but over at Venn we’re advocates of non-invasive treatment that won’t break the

kidney stone

Pain is the most common symptom of kidney stones, and, unfortunately, it can be excruciating.  Many women describe the pain of passing a kidney stone as “worse than childbirth,” notes Seth K. Bechis, MD, an assistant professor of urology at UC San Diego Health. That said, the pain does vary from person to person, adds Dr. Bechis. If the stone does not cause a blockage as it moves through the urinary