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British scientists in world-first TB breakthrough

British scientists have made a world-first breakthrough in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Researchers in Oxford and Birmingham say they can isolate different strains of the disease using a process called genome sequencing. It means patients who may have waited months to get the right drugs can now be diagnosed in just a few days – so they have a greater chance of recovery. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the breakthrough “will save lives”. Cases of TB in the UK have begun falling recently, but England still has one of the highest rates in Europe. The scientists who made the...

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Acne info and tips

Acne is the most common skin disease among young people and it usually begins at puberty. Site breakouts are on your face, back and chest. It is caused by changes in sex hormones. Acne usually disappears when the teenager growing to become an adults. Acne can be minimized and the scars could be reduced by careful skin care. Acne involves the secretion of oil glands (sebaceous glands), the pores and the end of the hair follicle. There is a blockage of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands the sebum (oil). Bacteria in the blockage of the breed and produce...

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Migraine : Hard Headache that cause pain

Some of us have a hard headache and it will cause pain. It happen frequently especially when you are in stress. Beware of it, maybe it is a migraine. What is Migraine ? It is a neurological syndrome that causes headaches and nausea. Patient will suffer in migraine and display a perceptions change in body. Most of migraine will lasts about 4 – 72 hours and effect their sensory, visual or olfactory. The triggers for migraines include stress, allergic reaction, inadequate food vitamin, alcohol addiction and smoking. Types of Migraine There are several types of migraine, including: migraine with aura –...

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Healthy’ obese still face higher heart disease risk

Even without high blood pressure or other signs of illness, obese adults have a much higher risk of developing heart disease than normal-weight peers, according to a study from Denmark. The results contradict recent research suggesting a subgroup of obese individuals known as “metabolically healthy obese” may not face an increased risk for obesity-related complications such as heart or kidney disease, researchers write in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. “People have a general understanding now that it is not unhealthy to be overweight or obese as long as your lifestyle is relatively healthy,” said senior study author...

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Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

It’s bad news for diet soda fans. Most people think diet soda is good for health because no calories or sugar. But it is not really an answer for health. It has side effects that may harm your health. Let’s read some of the side effect of diet soda 1. The drink product could effect your kidneys. Studies from Harvard Medical School show that diet cola is associated with a two-fold increased risk for kidney decline. The kidney will decline when women (they research 3,000 women respondend) drank more than 2 sodas per day. The research also found the...

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