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Infographic : Health Benefits ofAnimal-Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is becoming more and more common in hospitals and health centers across the country, and for good reason. If you haven’t yet heard of this growing phenomenon, let us give you a quick run down. AAT is the practice of introducing an animal to a sick, injured, elderly, or mentally unwell individual in a hospital, doctor, or therapy setting. The idea behind it is that interaction with animals is relaxing, relieves stress, and feels good. This is just common sense for anyone who has a pet. But what is happening is that more and more scientific studies are being done, and those studies are showing that this type of therapy is incredibly effective across the spectrum. Patients exhibit lower levels of pain, lower stress levels, are more cooperative, and even find their hospital stays significantly more enjoyable if they’ve interacted with an animal. The most common animals are dogs, cats, and birds, and in many cases, even a brief interaction is enough to improve the mood of a patient. Considering how horrible it is to be in hospital or undergoing therapy, any chance to make lives better needs to be looked into further, and that’s why we felt so strongly about creating this fun infographic below. We wanted to get the word out about AAT in the hopes that more people discover it and can be...

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Brain food: What you eat could help manage depression and anxiety

The idea that what we eat and drink has direct impact on our mood is not a new one. Who can deny the salvation in a cup of tea after a rough day? But the theory behind this intuition is now a central field of research, and there’s growing evidence for the idea that our brains and our guts are intimately linked. For writer and mental health campaigner Rachel Kelly, author of The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food, teaching people about this connection has become her life’s mission. Back in 1997, Kelly was working as a journalist at The...

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Yoga Doesn’t Burn Many Calories But This Is Why You Lose Weight

  “You can’t lose weight doing yoga!” “You can’t be burning many calories, it’s just a bit of stretching.” “Yoga is so easy, it can’t be doing anything useful.” Have you heard one or more of these statements before? Whoever said them quite clearly hasn’t tried advanced Bakasana[1] before! These comments are often made by well-meaning friends, addicted to the gym, the whirl of spin bikes or the thud of the barbell.   I’m here to bust these myths and tell you it is possible to lose weight, look lean and get that heart rate up doing “just” yoga,...

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Difficult to sleep – Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping problems often occur among individuals. The disease is called insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep, or the inability to get enough sleep. Hours of sleep needed by a dependent on age. Babies and children need time to sleep longer than older people. Number of bedrooms needed by the elderly is about 4-5 hours compared with younger people who need 8 hours. The following are symptoms of insomnia 1. Difficulty sleeping. 2. Sleep is often disturbed 3. Frequent waking at night. 4. Wake up early and sleep difficulties. 5. Being tired, sleepy and irritable during the day....

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More effort needed to promote organ donation

MANY Malaysians recognise the importance of saving lives, but when it comes to sharing a part of their body by way of organ donation, they hesitate. It is a touchy question to many non-donors, but those interviewed by MetroPerak feel that it is a very personal decision shrouded in myths as there is a lack of awareness campaigns that would help dispel common misconceptions and educate the public about what they need to know. Some also admitted that they have not pledged to be a donor simply because they have never given it much thought, or they do not know how...

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