Guide On Mole Removal Treatment At Home

Moles are pretty natural and really common among individual. Almost everyone has them in huge numbers. There is nothing wrong with having moles in your body, in fact, you should be happy about the marks that you have right from your birth. But if you are having some problems with them, then you might want to remove those while you can. On an average, a person can have moles anywhere from 10 to 40 of them. Most of the moles pose no threat to your body. Until and unless you are really removed by the mole you can stay perfectly fine without removing it. But if you want to, here is an amazing guide that is going to help you through the entire process of mole removal treatment at home. So let’s get started.

When Will You Need To Remove A Mole From Your Body?

Many times a mole can affect your appearance significantly. Also, it can get rubbed continuously against clothes and cause a disturbance. This is when you can consider removing your mole at home. The moles that you must remove are the ones which have shown a considerable change in their color shape or size. This can be a huge risk, and that can also be the early stages of you getting skin cancer. Make sure you check up with the doctor immediately if you notice these changes.

This guide is going to take you through the procedure and treatment of mole removal at home. Before you choose to cut it off with a pair of scissors or want to remove it with a mole removal cream, at home make sure you go through this guide to understand the procedure better and do it properly.

What Are Some Of The Ways To Remove Moles At Home

The home removal at home can be a risky procedure, so you should try them at your own risk. Some of the procedures that are found on the internet but are not yet proven to remove the moles effectively are given below

  • Some people claim that apple cider vinegar can burn the mole off and make it disappear. However, it is still not proven.
  • Another crazy method is by taping garlic to the mole that you have which might break the mole from the inside, and thus it will fall off after some time.
  • Some even apply iodine to the mole in an attempt to kill all the cells that are present inside.
  • Many people tried cutting the mole with sharp objects like blades, scissors or razors. This is not an advisable option and must be ignored at all costs. You don’t want to put your life at risk just for the sake of removing a mole from your body. Cutting can cause some serious infections and might lead to complex health conditions. So it is advisable that you avoid this and the other poor home remedies.

So What Is A Better Way Of Removing A Mole At Home?

Some of the less harmful methods of removing the moles are

  • Applying a mixture of a kind of baking soda along with castor oil to reduce the size of the mole at home.
  • Applying banana peel and frankincense oil is also widely use and can help you with the procedure of mole removal.
  • Tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide is used by a lot of people and can actually make the mole reduce in size.
  • A good alternative is the aloe vera or flaxseed oil.
  • Lastly the most widely used method for home treatment of mole removalare the mole removal creams that can be found in any of the medicine stores; however, there is a procedure with the help of which you can apply these creams. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to scrape off the topmost part from your mole. After it has been scrapped off you need to rub the cream, in the mole. The product is known to make the scab fall off within one week if applying the cream. The mole will go away along with the scab that falls off.

Other Ways By Which You Can Conceal The Mole

If you cannot remove the mole a lot of people try to cover it. This is a lot safer option which you can try easily at your home without the fear of hurting yourself. All you need to do is to cover the mole with the help of some full coverage concealer. If you have hair that grows from the top of these moles, then you can clip them off and do the cover-up job. It is going to make you look flawless without going through any risky procedures.

Should You See A Doctor For Mole Removal

If you badly want to remove your mole, then you can first try out all the home treatments that are known to remove the moles. But the effect varies from the size and the kind of mole that you have so in your case; it might not get removed just with the help of the home remedies. So this is when you might want to see a doctor consult a dermatologist if you want to remove that mole and the home remedies have failed. But make sure that you consult a doctor if the color of the mole has changed as that can signify cancer.

The doctor will remove a small part from your mole and do some lab tests to determine whether the mole is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous, then you will need a different kind of treatment. Dermatologists, however, use two methods for the mole removal. Let’s take a look at them –

  • The Surgical Excision– In this procedure of surgical excision the doctor or the dermatologist usually makes the area around the mole numb. After the anesthetic has worked the entire mole is cut out from the skin. The doctor then stitches or in many cases sutures the wound to close it. This procedure is extremely harmless and will not leave any kind of mark on your skin. Also, this surgery is so small that you can simply want out like a normal person after a couple of minutes. There is nothing to get scared of doing this just make sure that you book your appointment with a good doctor.
  • The Surgical Shave– In this method, the doctor is going to first apply an anesthetic to numb the region. Up next he is going to use a blade to shave off the entire mole. This procedure is usually a lot faster than the previous one because this one needs no kind of stitches. There is going to be no open wound on your skin. So if you are really scared to go under the knife for moles, this is an easier and safer option that a lot of people undertake. Also, this is a lot better than trying to remove the mole just by yourself on your home. So make sure you do this one after you contact and set an appointment with a good doctor.

In both of these procedures, the first and the foremost thing that the doctor is going to do is to test your mole for cancer. He will not remove the mole if any of the signs indicate that the person might have cancer.

The Final Verdict

Moles are a natural body part that doesn’t bother much with the day to day activities, so you can simply leave it alone like it is. But if you really want to remove it and see what you lookalikes without the mole then this article must have been helpful for you. You can try to remove it safely at home with the treatments and the procedures that have been mentioned above. However, make sure you take some professional guidance while you are at it so that you don’t end up accidentally hurting yourself. Also, it is not a good idea to try out foolish methods of mole removal like simply cutting it off and can cause septic so make sure you stay away from it as much as you can.

If you are suspicion your mole might have become cancerous, then you should immediately visit a good doctor without any kind of delay. Also if you recently had a mole removal done with the help of the professionals, then you should take care of it properly. Make sure you don’t go out in sunlight for a few days after the surgery and apply gels and creams that are going to soothe the entire region. So enjoy the new and flawless look that the mole removal will give you. And fall in love with yourself all over again. If you want to do it but hesitating for a long time, then you should consider fulfilling your wish while you can.

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