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Natural Ways to Overcome Estrogen Dominance

Have you felt a significant decrease in energy lately along with low sex drive? That could be because there’s something wrong with the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body. If you are thinking that you are excused from the testosterone part because you’re a woman, you are wrong. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone but it’s present in everyone – including women. This means that testosterone levels play

Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

The issue of concussion and head injury in sport has become quite prominent in recent times, with a growing number of cases ranging from high-profile NFL athletes to children playing recreationally. There was a time when the stock response would have been to persuade the player to battle on, but with the potential consequences of concussion so severe, you simply cannot take a chance on it. There’s a very good

What can you do to reduce workplace health & safety hazards?

Some jobs will naturally pose a greater health and injury risk than others, but in reality, all workplaces contain potential safety hazards. Not all of these can be eliminated completely, but employers should do what they can to minimize the level of risk to people within the workplace. This infographic from Union Quay Medical Centre examines the most common health and safety risks that exist in workplaces and outlines the

Patient-Specific Method Improves Monitoring of Leukemia Cells

A technique developed by Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian investigators can detect cancer cells surviving therapy in the most common form of leukemia in adults more sensitively and precisely than traditional microscopic observation. The approach, described in a study published May 16 in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, may forge new ground in developing patient-specific therapies. A highly heterogeneous disease, acute myeloid leukemia is characterized by fast-moving cancer cells traveling

The Science Behind the Human Brain

We are still trying to understand how the human brains works but what we do know is already fascinating. Its sheer complexity means it may still be a long time before we fully understand its workings. This infographic from   Study Medicine Europe   takes you through what we know about how the brain works and what we can do to protect it. Interestingly, the brain may still be developing until our

Healthy Nutrition for Older People - Infographic

For a variety of reasons, older people can find it very difficult to get the nutrition that they need to remain healthy into their senior years. It is crucial that they maintain a healthy diet, as failing to do so could leave them wide open to heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease or prostate cancer. With help from younger relatives, though, seniors can continue to eat healthily and get the nutrients