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Feeding our children, the right way

It is definitely exciting watching your child’s each developmental milestone, from taking his/her first step to participating in a school’s Sports Day. Besides gaining physical strength and coordination, the early formative years (0-8 years old) are also the time when a child’s cognitive, emotional and social developments are polished. In fact, growth is most rapid in the first year of life when an infant’s length increases by 50%. A healthy

How to Teach Your Kids to be Prepared… For Anything! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Imagination and adventure are key ingredients to getting a child to be responsive and productive. Kids are most at home when running around, getting involved with others and playing. There are so many ways this can be harnessed for educational purposes as well. Sticking with the great outdoors, there are plenty of lessons to be learned and imparted on children, even from a young age. Survival skills such as situational


Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Ugly Duckling, tells a tale of a ugly bird suffering abuse from other animals until at last the bird transforms into a beautiful swan. It’s a prelude to current times, except the transformations taken today aren’t just the awkward teenage years, but elective cosmetic surgery. Children as young as four years old are undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Many of us have childhood school pictures to prove

Children with ADHD may Benefit from Increased Water Consumption

A new study published online in the Journal of Attention Disorders found out that healthy lifestyle choices might just be an effective intervention and alternative to brain-toasting drugs. These include engaging in more activities that would develop physical and brain health and drinking plenty of water daily. Kathleen Holton, lead study author and assistant professor in American University’s Department of Health Studies and Joel Nigg of Oregon Health & Science University

5 Facts about Child Psychology that Every Parent Should Know

Understanding your child can be hard when you’re a parent. Because you have more life experience and you’re older than your toddler or older child, it can be difficult to put their reality into perspective. Their decision-making receptors are barely formed, and they don’t fully understand concepts like consequence and cause and effect. Knowing a little bit of child psychology can be extremely eye-opening as a parent. You may not

How to protect your child from common food allergies

Here’s a bit more on how food allergies work, the best ways to prevent them in your children, and how to keep you and your family safe. What to know about food allergies: How they work When you’re allergic to a specific food, your immune system responds to it as though it’s a dangerous invader assaulting your body. Typically, this reaction occurs due to a naturally occurring protein in whatever