Redness eye

redness eye

Redness Eye is a condition when eye turn red when the blood vessels in the lining covers the white of the eye (conjunctiva) congested or swollen, causing more blood to flow into the eye and making it look red.
Redness Eye

Redness eye general circumstances

1. Conjunctivitis irritation, chemical or toxic –

This is caused by irritation from dust, tobacco, chlorine from a swimming bath, alcoholic beverages that go too far, radiant sun or polish. The symptoms – itching, eye-water discharge and sometimes feels like there is sand.

2. Conjunctivitis Allergic

-Due to allergens by material in the air, Allergic to cosmetics, hair from pet  etc. The eyes become sick or hurt and itch and shed tears at first. Typically, he was accompanied by sneezing, gasping for breath and rashes on the skin.

3. Eyes that plagued (infectious conjunctivitis)

– This type of conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria or virus outbreak. Eye bonded together, especially when getting out of bed in the early morning. There is pus and pain and sandy. This type of conjunctivitis may spread to the experts, family and other acquaintances.
4. Dry eye. This caused a tear if the lack of sufficient income. He is more commonly found in older people and may be caused by taking certain medicine. Red eye should not be ignored. He needs to be treated. Get a doctor’s advice.

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Tips to follow for redness eye

1. Use a mirror eyes swimming in a chlorinated pool or dirty.
2. Wear dark mirror to protect the eyes from the bright sun beam.
3. Use the no smoking areas in restaurants, airplanes and in the workplace.
4. Identify and avoid objects that cause allergic.
5. Organisms may multiply in the product’s eyes are open. Do not use liquid and ointment that has opened more than a month, except get advice by your pharmacy staff.

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Avoid for redness eye

1. Rub your eyes.
2. Smoking rooms and rooms filled with smoke.
3. Using a prescription eye product to others.
4. Excessive alcohol intake
5. Ignoring the symptoms are serious.

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