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redness eye

Do you facing problem of red eye ?Red eye is one of the problems that often occur at the expense of comfort and visual acuity eye.
Red Eye
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Usually we will start to worry when the eyes begin to experience problems either frequent watering, blurred or ill. Actually, red eye symptoms could have warned there is a problem or something wrong in the eyes, and we must take appropriate action. Therefore, it is important to know a bit when they face these situations. We need to know whether there is a need to take immediate action or still may wait several days before seeking advice and treatment of eye doctors.

Cause of red eyes is the most common allergic disease, in which patients experience symptoms such as itchy eyes and watery eyes often. However, vision is not disturbed and it can be treated with eye drops. For children, as well as face eye problems, they also often have allergies and asthma. E. Another cause of common eye diseases is conjunctivitis.

Symptoms of the disease is also very clear.The eyes become red, watery, feeling strong and there are plenty of manure points. Diseases involving the eyes may interfere with vision when there are changes in the structure of the eye. The level of this disease can be detected, only from an eye specialist.

Common problem of red eye

Many factors can cause the eyes to turn red. These factors can be divided into the cause of a dangerous or not dangerous.

Causes no harm is conjunctivitis, which is inflammation of the lining konjuntiva but does not involve important structures like the eye cornea.
Konjuntiva mucus layer covering the front cover of soft eyes and inner eyelids.
Cause harmful involves glaucoma, uveitis and corneal infections called corneal ulcers.
Acute glaucoma occurs because of increased pressure in the eye, causing sudden eye redness and severe pain.
The patient needs immediate attention because if not, there will be damage to the optic nerve that can cause blindness.
If later received treatment for acute glaucoma, probably will cause damage to structures in the eye and nervous eyes will eventually lead to blindness.
For corneal ulcers, the use of contact lenses to be among the main causes. Ulcer risk is higher if users do not care for and clean the lens and the former savings as recommended.
Corneal ulcers can be caused infection in the eye of a contact lens wearer who continue to wear contact lenses, even after his eyes turn red.
Corneal ulcer treatment involves taking antibiotics given eye drops and eye doctor should be used every one to two hours.

Patients who experience severe symptoms should seek treatment in the ward for close monitoring.

There are also patients with severe corneal ulcers due to delayed treatment and only use their own eye drops bought from the store.

Such patients may only see a doctor when she experienced severe pain.

Patients with acute uveitis usually experience inflammation of the eye secretions which in turn give rise to pain in the eye.

Symptoms and treatment of red eye

Two important problems should be addressed, namely:

* Disturbance of vision

* Pain in the eye

If two of these symptoms occur, patients should immediately consult a doctor’s eye. A patient suffering from red eyes will feel the pain and blurred vision.

Red Eye

After referred to an eye specialist, the patient is diagnosed with skleritis or inflammation of the outer layer of the eye (sclera). The pain can be cured with appropriate treatment.

Doctor usually will check visual acuity and examine the patient before determining the cause of eye red eye.

The doctor should ask two questions to patients with red eyes which are:

* Does the patient feel pain points?

* Does their vision disturbed?

If the patient answered yes to both questions, he should be referred to an eye specialist immediately.

If not, chances blindness if red-eye problems caused by dangerous causes such as infections.

Infection in the eye not only causes patients to be red eyes, but felt very sick and even vomit.

Contact lens users may experience a red-eye problems as a result of corneal infection of the lining of the eye (corneal ulcers).

Thus, the eye will become red and sore. If not treated immediately, the patient is likely to become blind.

Corneal ulcer due to infection to occur if a user does not take care of contact lenses and contact lenses, and sleep without removing it.

The first and most important if wearing contact lenses have red eyes is to not wear contact lenses may be.

Instead, take the lens with former savings directly to the eye doctor.

The doctor will examine the contact lens container to determine whether it contains germs.

Immediate treatment for red eye problems can identify the level of danger to vision patients, thereby preventing blindness.

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