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Early check to prevent Glaucoma

I’ve read at the newspaper about disease in the optic nerve. The disease called Glaucoma and will damage the vision. It is one of main reason of blindness that affects millions of people. Everybody can get Glaucoma even you have...

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Protect Kid’s Eye Health

Protect kid’s eye is important to ensure they get better health.  Most of parent doesn’t really know about how to protect kids from anything that could damage their eyes. It is not just about eat carrots or vegetable but more...

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What is Diplopia

Do you know the meaning of diplopia? I think some of us don’t know about the term. It is a disease on eye that referred to as double vision. The disease may be result of refractive error, where light from an object is...

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Lasik surgery for eyes

Have you heard about Lasik? Even a doctor also never heard about this method to repair eyes. Lasik is acronym for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis which is the fastest surgery for eye. The modern technology from Germany is...

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