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Do you want to get a beauty healthy eyes? We all want that too. Do you know by eating some foods could make your eyes healthy? Let’s read this 5 foods for healthy eyes :- 1) Leafy greens They’re packed with lutein and zeaxanthin—antioxidants that, studies show, lower the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. 2) Eggs The yolk is a prime source of lutein and zeaxanthin—plus zinc, which


Do you know the meaning of diplopia? I think some of us don’t know about the term. It is a disease on eye that referred to as double vision. The disease may be result of refractive error, where light from an object is split into two images by a defect in the eye’s optical system. It also may result from failure of both eyes to point at the object being


Bad eyesight is easily manageable in today’s world. We have plenty of options to treat bad eyesight, like wearing traditional prescription glasses and contact lenses or having an eye correction surgery. But let’s focus on contact lenses. There’s some misinformation floating around about contact lenses, how they are painful to wear, not practical and so on, but the reality is that technology has advanced so much in the last 10


  It is unfortunate that when it comes to health, mainstream media often focuses on all the wrong things. While the awareness of dandruff is at its all-time high, the issue of vision is rarely (if ever brought up). This causes people to damage their eyesight in most trivial ways and all of this could be avoided if someone was just to point out the proper course of action. Because

Kid eye exam

Most of us don’t take care about eye vision. They just think wearing a glasses or contact and then the eye problem solved. No need to do eye exam. This concept is wrong, we need to do eye exam because the health of eyes changing and it will worsen from time to time. This is sign that you must go to eye expertise :- 1. When is your last eye

Kid eye exam

  UV radiation from the sun can damage your child’s eyes. Disclosure under the direct UV radiation can cause serious eye diseases including macular blindness and the leading cause of  impairment to blindness. The child is at risk of negative effects of UV radiation because most of them do not know to protect their eyes. As a result, the damage occurred in their eyes at a young age. Here are