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Photographing retinas for diabetes mellitus patient

Do you know that diabetes mellitus can cause blindness? Most of us not aware of this problem. But don’t worry as this outcome is avoidable if the right care is taken. One preventive measure is to take retinal photographs once a year so that their doctors can easily detect early signs of eye damage. Diabetes causes vision loss by damaging the retina, an important nerve layer in the eye. Retinal

redness eye

Redness Eye is a condition when eye turn red when the blood vessels in the lining covers the white of the eye (conjunctiva) congested or swollen, causing more blood to flow into the eye and making it look red. Redness eye general circumstances 1. Conjunctivitis irritation, chemical or toxic – This is caused by irritation from dust, tobacco, chlorine from a swimming bath, alcoholic beverages that go too far, radiant

redness eye

Do you facing problem of red eye ?Red eye is one of the problems that often occur at the expense of comfort and visual acuity eye. adult image hosting Usually we will start to worry when the eyes begin to experience problems either frequent watering, blurred or ill. Actually, red eye symptoms could have warned there is a problem or something wrong in the eyes, and we must take appropriate action. Therefore,

Tips to Choose the best Hearing Aid Before You Buy

The problem of hearing loss is a common one; with the development in the field of medical treatment this complication can be effectively checked. There are numerous types of Hearing Aids available in the market that can solve the problem of hearing loss up to great extent. The hidden hearing is a company that offers quality medical equipments and treatment to provide quality treatment to those who are suffering from

Early check to prevent Glaucoma

I’ve read at the newspaper about disease in the optic nerve. The disease called Glaucoma and will damage the vision. It is one of main reason of blindness that affects millions of people. Everybody can get Glaucoma even you have healthy eye before but there are main factors to get this disease :- 1. Age. Older people have high risk to get glaucoma. 2. High blood pressure also can cause

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Protect kid’s eye is important to ensure they get better health.  Most of parent doesn’t really know about how to protect kids from anything that could damage their eyes. It is not just about eat carrots or vegetable but more than it. How to Protect Your Kid’s Eye Health This is some advice from eye expert :- 1. Kids need to get eye screened Most kids don’t get any additional eye