Sign you need to go for an eye exam

Kid eye exam

Most of us don’t take care about eye vision. They just think wearing a glasses (shop at ICU Eyewear) or contact and then the eye problem solved. No need to do eye exam. This concept is wrong, we need to do eye exam because the health of eyes changing and it will worsen from time to time.
This is sign that you must go to eye expertise :-

1. When is your last eye exam? You need to checked at least every 2 years to ensure the power of your glasses or contact whether it is still suitable for your eyes.This is not just for glasses/contact person, for those who don’t wear glasses also needed to check your vision regularly especially when you are in age 40 above. Make an appointment to your expertise.
2. It is a must to do eye examination when your vision keep on blurr or difficult focussing.Don’t late to check your vision. It will damage your cornea if you late to examine it.
3. Sometimes you get headaches and it could be a sign of eye problem.
4. For those wear eyeglass, you need to ensure your spectacles in good condition.If it scratch, the effectiveness of power will low. Change it to ensure the suitable eyeglass for your eyes.
5. Your eyes are red, dry, itchy, or you are seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters.Frequent eyestrain will make you eyes feel tired, they can hurt when you moved and could be a sign of deteriorating eye health.


6. You have diabetes or another health condition that affects your eyes. Also, if you have a family history of conditions like diabetes or glaucoma you may need exams more often, especially as you move into your 50s and beyond.
7. You have difficulty driving at night and seeing street signs in the dark.
8. You experience eye strain and/or blurred vision after spending an extended amount of time in front of a computer screen.
9. You hold books or the newspaper further away from your face and squint or close one eye to read them clearly.
10. You notice any changes in your vision, especially after an incident of head trauma.

Okay, that’s all for today. As I’ve mention above, eyes is important part of our bodies. You need to have health eyes to get a better life. So, always do eye examination at nearest eye expertise.

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