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  It is unfortunate that when it comes to health, mainstream media often focuses on all the wrong things. While the awareness of dandruff is at its all-time high, the issue of vision is rarely (if ever brought up). This causes people to damage their eyesight in most trivial ways and all of this could be avoided if someone was just to point out the proper course of action. Because

Kid eye exam

Most of us don’t take care about eye vision. They just think wearing a glasses or contact and then the eye problem solved. No need to do eye exam. This concept is wrong, we need to do eye exam because the health of eyes changing and it will worsen from time to time. This is sign that you must go to eye expertise :- 1. When is your last eye

Kid eye exam

Do you know about cataract?  Cataract is vision problems that make your eyesight shows cloudy spot and becomes blurry. This problem occurs mostly because of aging and effect in either or both eyes. There is a person who is risk to get cataract such as person that get diabetes, smokers or get exposure too much on light.Cataract can be detected in early stage. It started out with small blurry and

Kid eye exam

  UV radiation from the sun can damage your child’s eyes. Disclosure under the direct UV radiation can cause serious eye diseases including macular blindness and the leading cause of  impairment to blindness. The child is at risk of negative effects of UV radiation because most of them do not know to protect their eyes. As a result, the damage occurred in their eyes at a young age. Here are

Early check to prevent Glaucoma

I’ve read at the newspaper about disease in the optic nerve. The disease called Glaucoma and will damage the vision. It is one of main reason of blindness that affects millions of people. Everybody can get Glaucoma even you have healthy eye before but there are main factors to get this disease :- 1. Age. Older people have high risk to get glaucoma. 2. High blood pressure also can cause

Eyecare for Children – the Problem of Sports

We always hear that children should be encouraged to play sports, to move around, to go outside and get exercise, rather than sitting in front of the computer or PlayStation. Often, however, getting children to play more sports raises the very practical question of what to do about a child’s glasses. A surprising number of sporting activities cannot accommodate the wearing of glasses, making it difficult for children who need