Early check to prevent Glaucoma

I’ve read at the newspaper about disease in the optic nerve. The disease called Glaucoma and will damage the vision. It is one of main reason of blindness that affects millions of people. Everybody can get Glaucoma even you have healthy eye before but there are main factors to get this disease :-


1. Age. Older people have high risk to get glaucoma.
2. High blood pressure also can cause glaucoma.
3. Family history
4. Diabetes
5. Steroid treatment
6. Eye injury.

Glaucoma will come without any big symptoms. Many patients don’t know how they get glaucoma. You need to check your eyes if there’s any family history get this disease. Most of patients have different eye structure and need to be identifying before the attack.
Without any serious treatment, the visual optic will be destroying. The eye vision will be narrowing and risk to get blind is high.

Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma treatments include medicines, conventional surgery or laser trabeculoplasty.
1. The most of treatments need to use eye drop that will reduce intraocular stress. The eyedrop medication include carteolol (Ocupress),timolol (Timoptic), levobunolol (Betagan) and metipranolol (Optipranolol).
2. Laser treatment also can help to prevent from acute attack in the eyes. The side effects for this method is inflammation.

More Info :-
National EyeInstitute
It is important to get knowledge about glaucoma. Find nearest eye expert to save from glaucoma disease

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