New Eye Test May Identifying People Risk of Glaucoma

There’s a study from Australia that may offer a new way of identifying people at risk of glaucoma. As we know, Glaucoma is one of eye disease that may lead of blindness. It could treat using the medications if found early.

The researchers found that it were able to predict who was at increased risk of developing the eye disease with some accuracy by measuring blood vessel thickness in the retinas of study participants using a computer based imaging tool.

The people with narrowest vessels at the beginning of the study were four times more likely to have developed glaucoma a decade later.

Detail of woman's face showing left eye

60 million people worldwide have glaucoma and the number will rise over the next few decades. The disease will damage the optic nerve and affect the retina to the brain.

The key to treat the glaucoma is by early inspection. People don’t know they have a problem without regular eye exams.

The researchers from University of Sydney including nearly 2,500 adults, aged 19 and older for 10 years. None of the participants has glaucoma when they entered the study. They also concluded that measuring retinal-vessel narrowing could help identify people at risk for glaucoma. The blood pressure and other factors that can contribute to vessel size also considered for glaucoma risk.


The study has been published in the journal Ophthalmology. The findings also highlight the importance of having regular eye exams as people growing older. The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams for adults aged 18 -60 every years, every year for adults 61 and older or as recommended by their eye doctor. Regular exam also can detect other eye disease such as macular degeneration and cataracts.


Source :- WebMD

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