Myths : Tucking children during fever

Myths : Tucking children during fever

Usually if your child caught in fever, after giving the medication, parents are tucking a child with a warm blanket. The reason is because children are cold and warm duvet could stabilize children’s body temperature.
The theory is if the child sweat more, the high body temperature will be decreases. Usually parents do not allow children to bathe because afraid  that the fever is not cured.
Is the practice right or vice versa? Are the measures taken  help  to cure the child’s fever?


It is totally wrong practice. Do not shroud the child if she/he  has a fever. If we hold on his body and feel hot, it’s show that the child’s body temperature is warmer. Children’s skin should be exposed to normal temperature so that the heat from his body out.
Children can be washed but with plain water rather than cold water because if the body temperature fell sharply it will cause your child shivering cold.
We recommend that you wipe the child’s body as the move could help lower the body temperature. Wear daily clothing children  and not sweaters or thick clothing.
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